AEP™ Course

An opportunity for Personal Development and/or become a Certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner™. Develop more of your intuitive trust yourself with Angel Empowerment Tools. Learn to communicate stronger with your Angel team and choose to enhance your joy in all areas of your life.

How will becoming certified as an AEP™ assist you?

Become a certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ (AEP™) and learn how to heal and connect with the angels. Cindy has blended her learning’s together to create a well balanced Angel Empowerment tool box. Take this certification for your personal development or use it as an opportunity to put new skills in to effect to enhance your spiritual, healing, counselling or energy based business.

Over the years of teaching this course Cindy states, “One third takes this class to learn and trust to communicate with their Angel team, another third takes it to become a Certified Practitioner and the last third take it to enhance their already Lightworker business. Whatever your reason trust your Angel team has led you to this page to register. In Cindy’s world she believes in no coincidence.

  • You will develop and enhance your intuitive abilities
  • Open and trust in your own natural intuitive and healing power
  • Gain practical skills with other students

Some key skills taught are how to do professional Angel card readings, chakra understanding and clearing, power of thought and working with Archangels to learn several techniques such as Angel Card readings, Energy Cord Cutting/Changing, using a Rainbow Shield, Energy Ball Releasement, Belief Pattern Change, Past Life Healing and the basics of Mediumship and more…

Note: When you click on the register button below you will fill out an application which will be processed by Cindy. You will have option to pay in full or payment plan.

⇒Cost is $888.00 + GST (Payment plans available for up to 4 payments!)