Archangel Messages

The following are excepts of the Archangel messages, click the message title or the read more link after each message to read the full article.

Archangel Michael Jan 1 st 2019

“My children, NOW is the time to create and manifest your desires for the next physical year of time. First we the Divine suggest the removal of old vibration from your energy centres, aura, and cellular memory which no longer serve you. Change the old patterns to...

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Archangel Michael Message November 2018

Change lack vibration and lack thoughts "My children lack vibration and lack thoughts represent a void of having. The focus of lack creates an empty vibration or void within. My children, when your vibration includes a void from lack focus there is an opportunity to...

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Archangel Raphael Message Oct 2018

“My children, your thoughts and emotions influence your physical and emotional body in your earth realm. ASK for assistance to understand and believe in the Power of Thought while your physical and emotional body experiences any change. Be gentle with self and...

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Archangel Gabriel Message Aug 2018

Your Spoken Word is Powerful “My children, your spoken word carries vibration to us and Universal Energy. Thoughts and words are both strong with vibration and emotion. A spoken word through the filter of love and positive vibration creates an increase in positive...

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Archangel Gabriel June 2018

Action List for Summer Months Archangel Gabriel “My children, as you move into your summer months set intention to bring balance of fun and play with your commitments of labour in place. This is your NOW time to bring Peace into all of your actions. As you set into...

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Archangel Uriel Message April 2018 (During Celtic Angel Tour)

“My children perhaps trust in the knowledge stored within gifts from your mother earth. Divine Knowledge is stored within you and your mother nature. Ask us to assist in activating Divine Knowledge during visits to high vibration locations/Divine Vortexes on your...

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Archangel Gabriel Message March 2018

Create New Positive Experiences “My children, now is the time to create NEW EXPERIENCES as your mother earth blooms with life. Set your intention to grow new activities and actions to create experiences to blossom in your NOW TIME. My children be active in your own...

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Archangel Jophiel Message February 18

(Suggestion: Pen and Paper to assist Jophiel in making change as you answer questions below) “My children ASK and be open to receive Divine Love. You deserve love from us and others. Focus in your now time, and ASK to receive Divine Love. Centre yourself with your...

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Archangel Michael Message for December 2017

My children, we encourage and guide the NOW vibration to be present in your thoughts. Practice connecting to your NOW vibration as you read our message. We within the Divine understand the importance to you, in physical form, the future vibration. We acknowledge your...

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Linda  June 19, 2015

I am fortunate to have attended the Angel Empowerment Practitioner Course. Cindy is a gifted and beautiful heart centered teacher. Cindy’s dedication and compassion for her work were clearly represented in this amazing informative and experiential course. Cindy inspires confidence and walks her talk! I highly recommend Cindy as a reader, healer, and teacher. Thank-you Cindy I am truly grateful for the insight you provided to me and the new tools that I have learned to be of joyful service.” –