My children, we encourage and guide the NOW vibration to be present in your thoughts. Practice connecting to your NOW vibration as you read our message. We within the Divine understand the importance to you, in physical form, the future vibration. We acknowledge your eagerness to accept
positive vibration for change in your NOW and project positive for your future. WE witness for many of you how the uncertainty of future causes fear, anxiety and stress; which moves you out of your NOW moment. My children we encourage you to trust in the certainty of change and perceive how you
respond to change. You have control of how you experience your change with either ease and acceptance or negative diversity. You may allow for acceptance of change in your future when your focus becomes true to you in within a higher connection of Divine. As always, we acknowledge the importance of balance with Divine Vibration and Physical Vibration. My children, you are in physical form adapting one moment to another moment of your time, and by adapting to change using positive vibration effects change within Universal Vibration and your cellular vibration. BALANCE IS YOUR KEY
COMPONENT TO ACCEPTANCE with our Divine Vibration and your physical form.

We have witnessed change with our child, Cindy, and the personal changes she is accepting and struggled with as she moved through grief and diversity. She has asked for assistance for herself and guidance to teach other’s to learn and understand more of the BALANCE of vibrational adjustment. The goal is to live in balance in physical form and connect with Divine Vibration to accept change on all levels with ease. WE support you in achieving the goal of allowing NEW vibration to increase the ease of change and elevate your Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Vibration. Change will continue to be a journey in Physical Form to learn your soul’s path and lessons and stop all fear of change. As we assist Cindy to accept change, she has requested a path to teach other’s through Divine Knowledge the infinite possibilities of certainty in accepting JOY within your Soul’s Purpose in NOW and future vibration together. My children, we will present Divine tools to enhance your experience of NOW and create a higher vibration of positive change within in your physical cellular structure and your soul memory. Impart NOW on a Divine Path of change to create all you are NOW. Be present and learn to accept the future as you allow change and accept new direction in the physical emotion of JOY. Lift your soul’s vibration to a NEW level in this lifetime by living your True YOU Now. NOW is your time to create your future!

And so It is Archangel Michael.