“My children accept change within and your mother earth. Change is a process of normality within your vibration as a physical being. It is natural for change in your environment, your physical and relationship with others. My children when you struggle against change you create blocks of energy within your vibration. Do you feel change creates fear within? Each of you create your own belief of change, does this belief support your highest purpose? If change creates chaos in your now; it is time to accept change for what it is. Change is in the NOW as natural growth to learn all you are meant to understand and perceive in this life time. If change equals fear my children this is your creation. Let us assist you with this question; “What lessons am I to understand about change?” ASK and accept the answer and be in your NOW with change. Mother Earth Cycles with seasons of change are a natural growth and releasement of vibration. Respect and embrace her cycles and rhythms, and allow your physical being to adjust to these cycles of change with no resistance. Perhaps my children, take time for self-reflection, quiet your physical being and connect with your Mother Earth and her cycles. ASK and we will assist to acknowledge belief patterns that no longer serve your highest purpose about change. My children be open to receive messages from us; our messages will be guidance of love vibration, no forcing of change. Stop fear and accept love and light vibration of change and continue to grow and walk your path of light.”

So it Is, Archangel Ariel