My children vibration is who you are. Divine vibration is within and around you. Our vibration is higher within Universal energy. We have no physical being to change our vibration. My children your vibration connected with Universal Divine is important to acknowledge and know within yourself. Your vibration is a key to connecting with us and physical beings around you. For the purpose of understanding and intention, we will refer to vibration as clean and clear when it is vibrating with ease. This intention is in your highest best interest to be clean and clear. My children, another quote we acknowledge from your realm is the reference of higher consciousness energy; which is high vibration to us.

We witness, my children, how you are able to change your vibration, and how easy you can lift your vibration. Your thoughts contribute to the change of vibrational frequently. We will provide some examples for you to acknowledge as high frequency thoughts that assist to raise your vibration.

“I am love. I am worthy of love. I am Divine love. I receive and give love easily. I love my job. I love my family. I am grateful for the love I receive. I am grateful for all I have in my life. I am Divine vibration. I am in perfect health as I am. My physical being is perfect as I am now. I am beautiful. I am financially abundant and secure in financial understanding. I am worthy of Divine vibration within and around me NOW. I am vibrational energy of light. I AM.” My children these are a few examples of thoughts that lift and keep you vibration clean and clear. When you experience thoughts that change your vibration to a lower frequency acknowledge these thoughts and change or remove them from your conscious. Therefore, clearing and bringing you to higher awareness.

Other examples; of keeping your vibration clear represents your physical being. The food and nutrients of consumption to fuel your physical can affect your vibration. There are high and lower vibration foods. Listen to your body to understand the signs of what nutrients raise your vibration. Your physical is considered a vessel of energy, it is in your highest best interest to acknowledge it as the conduit of Divine energy and love it as we do.

Your vibrational energy is affected by other physical beings around you. Negative energy around you can affect your vibration if you allow it. Yes, my children you do have choice of how vibration affects your energy. ASK, we will shield and protect your vibrational energy. ASK, we will raise your vibrational energy. ASK, we will assist to acknowledge and change thoughts and belief patterns that no longer serve your vibrational energy. ASK FOR CHANGE

My children an important Divine Knowing is this: VIBRATION ATTRACTS VIBRATION. If you are asking for a vibrational match with all relationships within your realm, ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR VIBRATION FIRST.

Ask for Assistance of Understanding. So it Is.

Archangel Chamuel