My children, we acknowledge your spirit of giving and communication of love and joy. This moment in your time is perfect to understand the balance of giving and receiving love and joy. BALANCE. Take a moment in your time to reflect the balance within of love and joy. Ask yourself; where do I allow receiving in my normal every day actions? We witness the natural ability for you to give the joy and love during this moment of your time. WE honour your vibration for the willingness to give love and joy and share with your surroundings. WE ask you NOW, please allow to Receive from others around you and please open to RECEIVE our love vibration of light we share with you NOW and every moment of your time. My children when you continuously give more of yourself than you allow to receive you stop balance and unknowingly stop the flow of vibration from US. Open your senses to receive from us and you will have more to share with all around you.

Communicate love my children, with actions, words, feelings and believe we are supporting you to fill your Vibration with Divine love as you give. Stop from blocking Love from actions, words, and feelings from others around you. Accept my children to bring the BALANCE of love and joy within.

We honor your willingness to give and receive love, NOW.

And So it Is, Archangel Gabriel