“My Children, communication begins with you. Love and respect yourself first and communication will flow with ease to others. Using words to be in your truth is an important step when communicating with others. Trusting in your truth allows to share from your heart in all matters of communication. When communicating with a loved one, share by using all your senses; feeling, words, visual, smell, knowing and be in your truth. Stop from sharing what you feel others want to hear and share what you desire to deliver from your own truth. Once you share; be open to receive communication back with love and respect. Listen and respect others as you respect self. My children; love and respect self – vibration will emanate from your being and attract equal vibration back to you. ALLOW. Please expect to be treated with respect and love from others as you respect and share you light. Be strong in your own compassion for self; be strong in your own power of self-love and truth. ASK for assistance to have the strength to look within if you have stopped respecting self or loving all you are. ASK for assistance to make changes in how you communicate with others; therefore, allowing others to know your inner truth. At time be gentle with how you communicate my children, and you will be treated with gentleness, love and respect.
So it Is.”