Archangel Haniel Message for July 2015

“My children, continue to be present in your moment of Now and ASK for signs and messages for you future. Ask for a picture, feeling, and thought about your future and bring it into your now to manifest. ASK for our assistance in bringing more clarity to your senses to see, feel and know our guidance.  Take a moment in your time and open up to daydream and within your daydream allow us to present to you messages. Daydreaming allows your conscious mind to be silent and receive from us easier. My children you may refer to meditation instead of day dreaming. Take the time to ASK and receive the signs and messages. You may ask us for a confirmation symbol and allow us to present it to you; which allows us to let you know your guidance is hearing you clearly. We are repetitive my children if you miss the first message we will continue until you acknowledge.

Now is the time to manifest all you desire, allow us to show you signs to assist on your path of manifesting. Stop yourself from feeling frustrated or questioning if we hear you. WE are with you and listening to your questions and prayers. Be in the moment as you receive your future goals and desires. ASK to enhance your clarity with vision, feeling, audio and knowing. WE will assist to enhance your vision NOW with even more clarity. Watch for the physical symbols and the symbols within your minds’ eye as we assist NOW.

Have fun my children with receiving messages and pretend you are in childlike state with less burdens, worries and fears. This will assist even more to relax and receive. Remember how easy it is to belief as a child and Do So.

And So it Is.”