My children, we would like to place intention on a term you use ‘In the Spirit of Giving’. Place intention of how and when you give throughout every moment in your time. My children ask for assistance in how to receive and give the Divine love vibration. Simplicity of giving is thru your everyday actions; communications with body language, voice, love thru your heart, and actions of love. Are you able to flow the Divine vibration of love around you and within? Yes, set your intention and so it is. We see the white light of love vibration around each of you. We understand at times being in the physical form your vibration changes; set your intention to share your light with others and so it is. All accomplished with the intention of sharing. This time in your calendar year increases your understanding of giving love for ALL. We witness the outpouring of love vibration and the white light easily flowing. Yes, we understand it is a time to acknowledge with your traditions of giving; we also ask to acknowledge how you share your love vibration every moment in your time. Please share our Divine Vibration, my children.

Equally important is acknowledging your ability to receive Divine Vibration. My children, the balance of receiving and giving are a Divine Gift. The light that is able to shine so bright within and around you is a gift of receiving from Divine Love. As we so often remind our child, Cindy, it is important to accept support from us and others in the physical form. RECEIVE and GIVE to bring balance of existence in Spirit Form. Receive our Divine Love my children, and be open to receive from others. Continue to enjoy this NOW time of giving and receiving and continue to be ALL you are with the Divine glow of light and personal empowerment. Look beyond the present you receive from others and accept the Divine light given within; as the intention of sharing is with love. A present or gift is love from loved ones who want to share their light in physical form. ACCEPT DIVINE LOVE AND FLOW WITH EASE TO OTHERS. So it is.

Archangel Jophiel