Archangel Gabriel Message referring to Divine Communication

I asked Archangel Raphael to define the term WELL-BEING for the March Newsletter, this is the fifth part of the 6 part series of response; Part 5 is related to our communication with Divine and our WELL- BEING.

“My children your overall well-being is a term used to include all aspects of your experience living in a physical realm. Your every- day experiences include your emotions, physical body, thoughts, communication and interaction with other physical beings, communication with Divine, and your environment. The acknowledgement of overall well-being includes all of the aspects for mentioned. My children, to assist in a deeper understanding we will share a definition of our perception of your experiences in physical form and how you can increase your overall well-being if you choose to acknowledge your perception of how you see yourself in experiences as you.”

Archangel Gabriel Message September 2017

“My children your communication with Divine is your connection with self and US. We are with you at all times. WE are with you as you experience your life in physical form. Your Well-Being and understanding of how to ASK for Assistance can be a key to positive change. Your knowing and acknowledgement of your free will; brings the key to opening the door to communication with us. As mentioned before Well-Being is comprised of all aspects of your life form existence. WE can assist you to allow for an easier path on your Well-Being journey. WE are unable to over-ride you freewill of existence in physical form. WE watch your experience waiting to be ASKED for any additional help. ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, and allow to receive in our Divine Timing. WE refer to Divine Timing as in your NOW time which is an experience in perfect Divine Knowing. Your preference of NOW time and our knowing of which is your Vibrational Now Timing is in your highest good. You have asked for assistance NOW; allow the Divine Timing to take place. Your emotions of frustration, doubt, fear, guilt, anger, may only block the Divine Moment you are too experience. ASK, ASK ASK, AND ALLOW TO RECEIVE IN DIVINE TIME AND BE TRUE TO YOUR WELL-BEING. AND SO IT IS”