My children, each of you are vibration. Your vibration is precious to us and yourself. Your vibration is within and around your physical being. WE would like to work with your vibration around you, your aura as you refer to. Think of this vibration as a field around your physical being as an energy magnetic force; a sponge that soaks other energy into your vibrational field. You also share this vibration energy around you when you share with others. Give and receive my children. For some, your inner knowing has acknowledged and accepted the understanding of shielding and caring for your energy. Your cognitive knowing allows to keep your aura whole and complete. My children, for some we offer assistance because, you may have what is known as holes within your auric field. These holes make it more difficult for your vibration to hold true to your being. Ask for us to both repair any holes or gaps in your aura, or to clear and balance your auric field. It is simple my children, ASK for assistance.

And So it Is.

An example of what I do for clearing:

Ask Archangel Metatron to be with me is the first step.

“Please clear my aura.” I take several deep breaths.

Archangel Metatron works with geometrical shapes and I also see rainbow colors when he is with me. Therefore, what I see is geometrical shapes starting above my head/crown chakra swirling around me right down to my feet. This is the visual I see as the clearing is happening. Each of you may experience the clearing differently. NO WRONG, please ask.

Once my Aura is cleared then I ask Archangel Metatron for the ‘Rainbow Shield of Protection’. Shield only lasts 12hrs. The shield filters energy crossing thru my Aura; therefore, my magnetic field takes on no unwanted energy as I go about my day or evening. I am still able to use my Aura as I naturally do (we all use are Aura to assist us with understanding the world around us) without taking on unwanted stuff.

I am able to keep my Aura intact.

This Months’ meditation with Archangel Metatron is a deep clearing and repairing any holes within your Auric Field. Enjoy!

In Love and Light