My children let us focus on manifestation for the up-coming year,  we realize in your linear time that mentioning the upcoming year is important to you, so let us discuss how to manifest all that you want your year to be.  Manifestation, yes a word connected to being in the now; having and creating want you want in each moment of time.  With the creator we hear your prayers and asking for assistance.  With simplicity we are to share some tools of creating what you want. God wants you to have ALL your divine rights, for you my children this means releasing your own personal blocks connected to receiving from within who you are.  You are meant to have ALL you want to create with divine love and happiness.  We would like to stop any suffering in your Now.  Please trust in your own power with us.  Your divine right to be connected to the ALL, is ever so present.  Manifestation, which is creation of the ALL in ways you want to receive divine love.  This has many meanings; yes you can have ALL you desire with no guilt, it is your divine gift.  Now, picture yourself in this very moment with ALL that you want to manifest right now.  You can either feel, see, know or hear ALL that you desire.  With images, feeling, or thoughts please manifest what you want by knowing it now.  Be in this moment of time and ask for us to penetrate ALL that you are manifesting right now with divine light moving through ALL the feelings, pictures and thoughts.  Yes, please at this moment in time say to yourself “I deserve ALL that I desire, and I accept my divine gift of manifestation NOW! “ Please repeat this over and over.  Allow us to flow ALL the Divine love energy to you, it is NOW the time for you to accept this flow of energy in ALL forms.  My children, if it is love you desire, accept.  If it is peace, accept, if it is abundance, accept, if it is health, accept, if it is harmonious relationships, accept.  We are here to assist in all your manifestation!  My children being in the now is the key to opening the manifestation chest of the divine ALL.  PLEASE STAY IN THE NOW, and feel, see, think and know ALL that you are.  Open the chest and allow all the possibilities to flow easily to fruition, NOW.  TRUST MY CHILDREN YOU DESERVE ALL THAT YOU WANT AND MORE. WE ARE PART OF YOU; THEREFORE, USE YOUR DIVINE KNOWING OF WHO YOU ARE – THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN DIMENSION IN TIME!

We have asked our child Cindy to focus energy on the word ‘ALL’ throughout our message.  Ask yourself what does the ALL mean to you?

Archangel Michael

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Archangel Michael Statue Photo