The Power of Intention

‘My children, your intent and focus creates the positive energy you desire. Bring your focus to clarity of love, joy, passion of white light energy. Take time with self and explore your inner expression of thoughts. ASK yourself what do I focus my intent on? Is my universe focused on the DON’TS AND NOT’S or is my intent clear of exactly what I am creating or asking for. What do you desire in the creation of love and light vibration? Set your intent of positive thoughts and actions with love. Your next step is to ALLOW the Universe to unfold steps and actions to create within your intent. My children we can assist and provide when asked and we hear your thoughts. We are unable to stop the thoughts or intent set at an unconscious or conscious level which you deem negative. WE are here to assist on love and light vibration, we are able to enhance the positive vibration and unable to stop negative vibration sent out to your Universe. ASK for assistance and TRUST in your positive intent of healing or creating all you desire. We walk with you my children, FOCUS ON YOUR POSITIVE INTENTIONS AND ALLOW ALL TO UNFOLD. Time is irrelevant to the Divine; let it BE as it is to BE in your NOW.

ACTION, Find a quiet place to go within, focus your intent and know we hear all you are thinking. Perhaps TRUST, in the messages you receive from us thru your feelings, inner divine voice, pictures and knowing. Create with us your desire of truth and knowing. BE in your truth my children, and acknowledge your Divine positive energy, we will assist in YOUR POWER OF POSITIVE INTENTION.”