“My children, worry is about control. What can you control and what is out of your control. Everything outside of your moment of NOW is out of your control. Each second in your now energy is what you control. Each moment in time, NOW, is yours. Worry energy takes you out of your now. My children your worries are about future or past events. Your action in the NOW can prepare you for your future; there is no ability to change your past. You can learn from your past to understand your patterns, values, beliefs, actions and emotional energy. YOU have the ability to change how you react in your NOW. Action in the NOW creates your future. My children we witness many of you worrying over health, relationships, money, loved ones, careers; all about future. How does this worry assist you? We ASK to consider, ‘how does worrying about other people help them or you? Can you control others future? NO!

You have the ability to stop worry NOW. Take control of your NOW. ASK for assistance from US to work with your awareness of the NOW moment. WE manifest your future in your NOW with you. ASK for the action steps in your NOW. LET GO OF EVERYTHING OUT OF YOUR CONTROL. Take time to communicate with us to acknowledge what is within your vibration to OWN? Yes, you can continue to ask us to assist your loved ones and friends with healing and protection, please understand they must also ask for assistance. FREE WILL, my children, stops us from assisting yourself or others unless we are ASKED.

ASK for an Angelic sign or symbol to bring your awareness back to the NOW. AWARENESS OF BREATH IS AN EXAMPLE OF NOW. When you are worrying; ask yourself, “Where am I?” In the Now or Future?

My children, relax and let go of controlling the future and manifest in the NOW.”