“My children; your physical being is your vessel of light. Yes, my children you learn and have lessons with your physical being. Your physical is of cellular vibration on your physical realm. Understand the importance of health within this realm of existence. Your NOW is how you understand your physical. Focus on the NOW of your health, stop from focusing on past or future. How do you take care of your physical NOW? Your vibration is connected to your cell being. Healthy cells create healthy body. Your Now energy can focus on cell health. Yes, you understand the importance of proper nutrition, movement, flexibility, sleep, relaxation; my children you each have choice of your focus with all mentioned. WE ask you to focus on the health of your cells that make up your physical being. Allow us to assist in physical health. Give permission! Please say statement with us as you receive our healing energy. Below statement from Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Language:
“I accept healing on a cellular level to optimize function to the white blood cells (my fighter cells) to allow these cells to remove abnormal cells or toxins” I accept healing IN BALANCE WITH EASE AND GENTLENESS for my immune system.”

I AM IN PERFECT HEALTH AND ALLOW MY ANGEL TEAM TO ASSIST IN MY KNOWING OF THIS TRUTH. My children; physical illness is a creation or lesson you have accepted. Receive the lesson and allow for change; or accept the lesson and be in perfect health with an illness you have accepted. In your truth my children be in your now, take care of you physical and enjoy your physical as it is NOW. I AM IN MY PERFECT HEALTH NOW.”