“My children during this time of vibrational change, some of you may be experiencing a shift in your physical being. Perhaps you feel or have felt unbalanced, weak, needing sleep, sleeplessness, difficult in concentration, irritation, emotional highs and lows, a higher level of pain in an illness, or a decrease in your immune system to allow a viral infection. My children these are examples of your physical being adjusting to the universal change of vibration. There is no wrong or right way for your physical to respond, it just is as it is to be. Be gentle with your physical being and honour it with self-respect.

During this time ASK for our assistance to re-balance and ground your energy with the gradual change of vibration. ASK for gentleness of change; allow us to work with your unconscious energy to stop fighting this new vibration. ASK for acceptance on all levels of your being, and so it is.

Within our Divine energy we are witness to an increase of vibration for our children and universe. To define it in your language of understanding we are witness to, ‘An increase of energy in all molecules of matter; a higher pitch or sound like a faster humming within your individual vibration and your mother earth energy. Accept and be at peace my children and Receive Divine Healing during this time of change in your NOW time and BE ALL YOU ARE IN DIVINE LIGHT ENERGY.” Archangel Raphael

Also, look for a new program within the next week. I have been asked to offer 12 different guided meditations for each month of this year; starting with a meditation from Archangel Raphael to assist in rebalancing your physical being to this time of change. Look for the preview that will be sent out before the end of the month, I am excited to share this opportunity for us all.

In addition, I wanted to share the crystal I personally use when working with Archangel Raphael for myself and clients; prehnite. I love this crystal; it is often referred to as the ‘Healer for Healers’.

In Love & Light Cindy