Archangel Raphael Original Message March 2017

I asked Archangel Raphael to define the term WELL-BEING for the March Newsletter, this is the fourth part of the 6 part series of response; Part 4 is related to our communication and interaction with other people and our WELL-BEING.


“My children, your overall well-being is a term used to include all aspects of your experience living in a physical realm. Your every- day experiences include your emotions, physical body, thoughts, communication and interaction with other physical beings, communication with Divine, and your environment. The acknowledgement of overall well-being includes all of the aspects for mentioned. My children, to assist in a deeper understanding we will share a definition of our perception of your experiences in physical form and how you can increase your overall well-being if you choose to acknowledge your perception of how you see yourself in experiences as you.”

Archangel Raguel Message for July 2017


“My children, communication with others begins with you. How do you communicate to yourself? Is your self-talk negative? Is your self-talk positive? NOW; is your moment in time, to reflect on your projection of self onto other people? Your WELL-BEING as perceived with self is reflected to you from other people. Your expectation of self reflects in relationship with others. My children, harmony is attainable in ALL relationships. ASK for assistance to become harmonious with self – first. YOU have the choice to be at peace with SELF. Know that when you are more centred with self – harmony, your other relationships will change to more peace, acceptance, love, and understanding. ASK for guidance in ensuring harmonious interactions with self and others. Begin by acknowledging relationships which support your positive WELL-BEING and ASK for assistance with relationships which no longer support your overall WELL-BEING.

Questions to ASK of self and reflect upon:

  • In this relationship do I communicate my truth through emotions, actions, spoken word?
  • In this relationship do I worry when I communicate my truth it will be rejected or judged?
  • In this relationship do I stand in my own personal power and project my power in balance?
  • In this relationship do I set realistic expectations of myself and the other person?
  • In this relationship do I honor personal boundaries?
  • In this relationship do I send out negative vibration and expect positive in return?
  • In this relationship do I accept my own responsibility for change and stop taking the other persons responsibility for change?
  • In this relationship is it time to let go because I have made all the changes possible for self, such as; my thoughts, actions, emotions, and behaviours?

My children acknowledge how you communicate with self and others and give yourself permission to change with ease and gentleness. Upon reading this message you made a choice to think negative or positive in your communication with self and others. If negative, forgiveness begins NOW with self. My children, we perceive all your experiences in physical form as lessons for change.  First acknowledge the change you desire, and make gentle steps in doing so. ASK for assistance and, So It IS”