“My children, we have no ego our vibration is of Divine knowing. We have no physical or soul as you do to create lessons and learning. Our purpose is messenger of God, your highest vibration connection, to serve with only love and white light vibration. We have no conceptual understanding of ego as you experience. We witness the ego based energy you learn from. My children, when asking for guidance from God and Us your Angels use your higher vibration within to receive the guidance. Your ego will filter guidance thru fear of the unknown energy. Your ego is present within you to learn and grow in the physical realm. Your ego has no understanding of Divine Vibration similar to our experience of no ego within. To create harmony with your own vibration brings balance with ego and your higher self-vibration. Accept Divine and ego are different and acknowledge this acceptance to be the truth for you to develop and grow with. Accept and learn when your thoughts are ego based or Divine based. We encourage you to use ALL of your senses together to define ego and Divine. Feeling – Love, Sight – Love, Knowing – Love, Hearing – Love. Do you feel, know, see and hear the love when receiving Divine Guidance. Your Divine Vibration within is Love, use it to filter as your ego uses fear to filter. My children, harmonies for each of you are the truth of your ego and higher vibration in balance, STOP fighting your ego and accept who you are. When communicating with us, ASK your ego to be silent for a short time in your physical. Your ego will listen and do so without being forced, your ego is you as is Divine you. And so it is.