“My children, we assist in your Now to bring attention to how you each can manifest energy; what we acknowledge as manifest energy is creation of vibration in your NOW. All living and material objects are of energy and vibration. Our child Cindy has asked to give a message for your time in the year of 2014. This time is NOW for Manifestation. Creation of energy in your NOW. We ask you my children to bring attention to your thoughts, desires, knowing, wishes, you each would like to create NOW within your year of 2014. First step my children is to believe in infinite possibilities of creation of desires, thoughts, knowing and wishes. BELIEVE. Now have clear intention with self for all you would like to create in your time of 2014. Think it, believe it, and write it on paper. Allow our energy to be like a magician and create rapidly the belief you know to be for your truth.

My children, setting intention for 2014 is for your own vibration. Your Divine Self. We understand that many of you would like to experience with loved ones change and Divine Intention, your loved ones are asked to create their own intention. Each Child of Divine has free will, life lessons, Divine Knowledge. Each child is required to ask assistance for self. My children, as you set your own intention for self it will have positive influence with loved ones, as they witness your own manifestation and personal power.

My children, NOW you have taken the time to get clear of intention and have written down on paper ALL you desire to manifest. Use your vision of sight to see the white light mixed with golden light we place surrounding and within the paper and words of vibration. Trust in your Divine knowing it is to be. Place your paper in a sacred space and know our Divine Energy continues to hold this space of intention with you. ALL IN DIVINE WISDOM AND TIME.”