“My children perhaps trust in the knowledge stored within gifts from your mother earth. Divine
Knowledge is stored within you and your mother nature. Ask us to assist in activating Divine Knowledge
during visits to high vibration locations/Divine Vortexes on your physical realm. Trust your guidance
when you KNOW a location is special for you and choose to be in your NOW time and receive Divine
messages through the conduit of your beautiful mother earth. KNOWLEDGE is your key to unlocking
your truth from within. WE can assist by increasing your senses to bring more clarity of understanding.

My children, your physical body, spirit and soul responds to all vibration of knowledge within and
around you. Breathe, feel, trust, see and hear your truth as you connect. Be in your truth as you receive
peace and knowing of ALL THERE IS TO KNOW. ACCEPT AND RECEIVE. And so it is.” Archangel Uriel

Cindy with Yew Tree at Muckross Abbey