Archangel Uriel Message July 2016
“My children, your thoughts are like whispers on our wings sent out to Universal energy. Are each of you aware of your process of thoughts? There is no filter within your mind as to the importance or discernment of each thought. WE know when you are ASKING or Praying for assistance to Divine Vibration because of the words used to do so. Universal energy is unable to discern your thoughts whether negative or positive. Thoughts can build energy to be sent out in what we refer to as the Boomerang Effect. This Boomerang Effect is a building of same themed thoughts (stacked in layers) which eventually sends out in a boost of force to the Universe. This Boomerang with the boost becomes its own force or culmination of energy and because it is like a boomerang it will return energetically to you at a moment in your time. My children, only you experience time; therefore, the understanding of which we or Universal energy has no experience of time is important for you to grasp. Your Boomerang may return at any time from this moment until the time you cross over to our white light. We chose to share this message to bring the importance concerning your thoughts now, and your thoughts created in your past. If you focus on a theme of thoughts and build a boomerang it will return; NOW ACKNOWLEDGEMENT DO YOU WANT ALL BOOMERANGS TO RETURN? Have you ever wondered why feelings, experiences, or lessons you have shut the door to or learned from seem to reopen with a similar experience once again; this is because a boomerang has returned. Your ability to learn and let go assisted you in the NOW (wonderful because you are creating change for self) your old boomerang is still floating in the Universal Vibration. It may or may not return.

First and most important ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR THOUGHTS YOU ARE CREATING NOW INTO BOOMERANGS! If the thoughts are positive and manifesting which you desire there is no need for change, if the opposite is true then there is need for change.

WE can assist to dissolve the negative Boomerangs for you; this involves taking ownership of the boomerangs you have created (bring to your conscious awareness). WE have assisted and taught Cindy to clear boomerangs. WE can do the same for you. YOU MUST ASK!

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Angel on Glass Window

Message from Cindy Smith, Archangel Uriel has guided me to create a Archangel Technique to clear boomerangs to assist us ALL.