“My children, personal forgiveness is letting go of past. Letting go or releasing past events you hold memory too. The memories that cause you to think; what if I could change my past actions or past actions of other people. If you tend to dwell on past events with a wish for something different you are holding yourself in the past energy. My children forgiveness takes place in your NOW time. Please note my children forgiveness for you stays with you. To truly forgive it begins with you. Once you change your thoughts concerning past actions of yourself or others; focus on the NOW and ask to bring True Forgiveness into your own heart. Let us assist by;

  • Taking a moment in your time to be quiet with self.
  • Physically go to your sacred space to be alone or imagine yourself during a quiet meditation to go to your sacred space
  • Centre yourself with breath and connecting your vibration with us (ASK to do so)
  • Picture our Divine Vibration with you and ASK to feel or see us
  • My children, imagine a gold chest sitting before you
  • ASK us to open the chest and assist to remove any past events, memories or emotions that keep you stuck in the past (take gentle breaths as we remove the old thoughts and feelings into the chest)
  • When you are ready; ask us to close the chest and watch it disappear out of your senses
  • RECEIVE and relax my children as we flow direct pink light into your heart centre
  • Allow this pink light to be filled with love and forgiveness vibration from us; Divine Vibration
  • Finish your quiet time when you chose

My children you can chose to be in True forgiveness with self and all other forgiveness for others is irrelevant in your NOW time. You may ASK to send forgiveness and love to others for Divine change and let go of your responsibility of other’s change. Responsibility for your change remains within as does all others around you.”

Global forgiveness represents no judgement. My children, we acknowledge lessons perceived in your life time. Please acknowledge all people on your mother earth are experiencing lessons in their life time. ASK to send out global forgiveness and acknowledgement of other’s beliefs. ASK for Global Peace and allow us to use rays of pink light flowing over and around areas you set intention for.”

And So it Is

Archangel Zadkiel