Dear Angel Friends

I want to share with you; I became engaged on July 20th to my love, Les. He planned a romantic getaway for the two of us to the BC Coast. He surprised me, it was romantic and beautiful. Our children knew when and where and kept a secret from me, that was another surprise. (Lol) Our family is excited and happy. I choose to share this personal story because there was a time in my life that it was difficult to believe in the possibility of love in my life again. My belief system is everything happens for a reason, even the difficult events. The angel message I receive often for me and others; “There are only lessons, my child, and no mistakes through our vibration. Now you can choose to learn the lesson and let go or continue to concentrate on the mistake you perceive it to be.”

One of my life lessons has been to understand what forgiveness truly stands for and practice what it truly means. I belief, without forgiveness in my heart for myself I would have stopped from being open to my true vibrational match, Les. Therefore, I am grateful to my Angel Team for assisting in so many areas of my personal growth to allow me to let go of old beliefs and unwanted negative emotions that no longer served me. Higher Power had plans and brought Les to me and without my own personal growth I believe I would have blocked Divine Guidance and Timing. I do believe in INFINITE POSSIBILITES as my Angel Team continualy show me in so many areas of my life. I am GRATEFUL.

BACK TO MY EXCITEMENT, I AM ENGAGED TO THE MOST AMAZING MAN; TRULY A VIBRATIONAL MATCH. I love you Les with all my heart and vibrational energy, thank you for being you!!!

The message for this month is from Archangel Zadkiel. His Divine energy can assist with Forgiveness and self-love. I have also included a downloaded meditation from Archangel Zadkiel for the month of August (self-love and forgiveness) you can find in the monthly meditations on my website. Enjoy.

Join us on Sept 7th for International Angel Day and learn more about vibrational match energy in all areas of your life. I am excited what the Angels want to share with you………………………….

In Love and Light Cindy