Where did the year go? The angels encourage me to stay in the NOW; is that why it feels like time is moving so much faster? It seems like I was just in Ireland and now I am booking flights for the next tour to Ireland. Excited for the next March tour because my daughter is going to be with me on this trip, and as usual Maria has planned even more interesting experiences.

I love Christmas time; It brings so much joy that my daughter is into the family traditions I enjoy so much. She is already planning with me the tree and house decorating, Christmas baking and of course the shopping. This time of year has always been such a family celebration for us. I send out Christmas love to everyone from myself and Angel Team. Remember even when family members are unable to be with you physically they are with you in Spirit and Love. Take this time of year to enjoy your family and friends with love vibration.

I am in gratitude for all the love and light I receive from you reading this message, my family, friends, and AEP™ family and my Angel Team and Creator for all the support.

Merry Christmas

In love and light Cindy