Happy New Year Angel Friends

I am really excited about this year. My Angel team have been very clear in messages for myself and others to focus this year of intention with Manifestation. Archangel Raziel gave us the message for this year. Enjoy and I encourage you to take the time to do the steps A. Raziel has suggested. One of Archangel Raziel’s specialties is an Alchemist (change stone to gold). As the Angels will state, “Infinite possibilities,” let us all make things happen for us this year!

One of my lessons has been to understand my own beliefs. What beliefs work in my highest best interest and what beliefs stop me from being all I desire to be? WE can ask our Angels for assistance in change in all areas of our life; however, do we have a belief that is getting in the way of receiving what I have asked for. From personal experience I have had some deep buried beliefs that where presented to me for change. I will share one example; an old belief was “I needed to have a partner to be financially successful.” Once the belief was brought to my attention through work with and Angel Empowerment Practitioner, I realized that as a child and young women growing up I witnessed some women around me struggle financially or stay in unhealthy relationship because of the struggle of financially being on their own. I had no idea that as I witnessed this behavior I had taken on this similar belief to be true. With the help of Archangel Raziel and belief system change, my new belief within my core is, “I am a financially successful independent business woman!” I am sure you would agree with me this is a much healthier belief for myself and my love partner.

Some examples of belief themes I work with for clients are; unworthy to receive (top three are love, money and Divine Love), we have to work hard to receive, money is evil or bad, my physical body is ill, lose independence in relationship, I have less power than others, only gifted people can work with Angels, I belief if I am a lightworker I will be judged. These are just a few. Do you agree it would be healthier to change some of these beliefs to enhance our well-being? I DO. If you would like change with belief patterns contact me or another Advanced AEP for this work.

In love and light Cindy