Dear Angel Friends

I trust you are having a wonderful summer, as I am. The message from Archangel Michael is one I feel we need to remind ourselves often. I am like everyone else and at times my thoughts can be going against what I truly want for myself. I belief we create or manifest with our thoughts both negative and positive. Therefore, it is very important to acknowledge what we are thinking? Is your focus on what YOU, desire? Do you focus on what others want for you, which may go against what you truly want? Tools I find will help to keep on track are; journaling, vision boards, affirmations, asking my angel team for assistance, (with simple reminders)and I share with loved ones around me so they can give me a gentle reminder when my focus changes to negative. Make a commitment to self and start writing your thoughts and pay attention to your thoughts. If you are lucky to have a daughter like mine, who states to me once in awhile, “Mom, I am not sure the angels would like that statement, or mom I am not sure what you are thinking but I like it when you smile more.” Thank you Carolyn for reminding me something as simple as a smile changes my energy and my thoughts.

In love and light,