Dear Angel Friends

At times like this when we are experiencing Mother Nature’s Power; it allows us to understand gratitude, and our day to day blessings. I send out healing with the angels and Divine Love to all people affected, by recent flood events in Southern Alberta. I belief unless we are experiencing the flood devastation direct, it is really difficult to fully comprehend what some people are experiencing. In no way do I want to minimalize what devastation people are living. However, I do take the time to acknowledge some positive lessons that are apparent from this experience; people helping people, compassion and empathy, gratitude and acceptance of what is, a pouring out of love vibration. Even for us that have not been affected directly feel the vibration of sadness. I have been experiencing heaviness with my energy, and overwhelming sadness at times. For anyone else feeling odd during this time of change and healing please understand your energy is sensitive and is picking up emotions. For us closer to location I can assume we are being affected more; however, this energy can be felt worldwide. For me it has been a time of learning, compassion, and gratitude.

I have been getting messages from Archangel Michael for several months to teach more about NOW energy. I have noticed an increase in overwhelm energy or anxiety that clients feel. Perhaps our increase in Universal Vibration is affecting our ability to be in the NOW. The Angels really focus on the Now time, to keep us in balance. After we experienced the flood situation Archangel Michael has come thru strong to give the message for this month about staying in the NOW. He has also asked to do a guided meditation to assist our energy to balance with the NOW. I look forward to sharing this with you.

I send Love and Light to everyone,
Cindy Smith