Time of celebration and reflection for me, my son Jason had his graduation ceremony from High School. I am a proud mommie. How wonderful to know your child has grown and ready to start his journey as a young adult. I must admit during his Grad weekend I had some of my personal lessons reappear to acknowledge and ask for Guidance. Worry! I am sure a few of you can relate to the topic of this Newsletter. All went well for him on his Grad weekend he had so much fun; however, his mother had a few ‘ah ha’ moments of what is mine to control and what is his. One of my favourite statements I share often in class or sessions is, “When we take on other’s responsibility we stop them from growing.” My belief is when I get into fix mode for other’s I stop them from getting their own lessons and the same lessons will still be present for them in their future.” This can be difficult when it is our precious children. How many of you have said to yourself, ‘I want my children to have it easier than I did, and what do I do to make that happen?’ It was a big lesson for me on Jason’s Grad weekend because instead of just enjoying his celebration and happy moments I was worrying about the Grad Party…… I found myself back into the worry mode. I asked my Angel Team for assistance and the message was strong, “Let go my child, and trust in the NOW, all is as it is to be.” I asked Archangel Michael to share a message about worry energy. Enjoy his message.