Dear Angel Friends

Wow it’s already March, can you believe it!!?? I am very excited as I write this message because I leave for the Sacred Celtic Angel Ireland Tour on March 4th. My daughter Carolyn is going with me for the first time this year which makes it even more exciting and special. I am sure I will have more stories to share about our experiences in such a magical land.

How is your immune system holding up with all the colds and flu? I am just getting over one and had Archangel Raphael assisting so I could keep functioning. However, I did take a much needed break and got some extra sleep (2 days). I asked Archangel Raphael if he would give us the message this month about taking care of our physical body. I am always sharing with others the importance of taking care of self or the Universe will force us to take care of self; it is always a sign for me if I catch a cold or flu because I know I am pushing my physical and have stopped walking my talk. Pay attention to your own signs and listen to your body.

Enjoy Archangel Raphael’s message and take note for self, are you really taking care of YOU?

In love and light…Cindy