Dear Angel Friends

November 11 represents to me more than Remembrance Day; which I acknowledge the importance to honour our Veterans and Canadian Forces. This day has a personal special meaning for me because of the significance of month and day. 11:11 is a combination of numbers I use as a symbol from my Angel Team. Like the significance of the poppy (symbol) to remind us of the men who have lost their lives in war numbers is a symbol of connection with my Angel Team. Whenever I see the numeral 1 more than singular it represents messages from my Team. These are examples of what I experience when I see the number combinations; first, I pay attention to my thoughts at that moment in time, (what was I just thinking?) second, remembering my Angel Team is always with me (makes me smile and feel Divine love), third, reminds me to be in Now energy (take a breath and be in the moment) fourth, I am on the right path (keep moving forward). I have learned that one symbol can have several meanings, when I pay attention and acknowledge 1’s it becomes easier to receive the messages from my Angel Team. Start to take notice on your clock (no coincidence you looked at the time precisely at 11:11 both am and pm). Other places to be shown numbers on a daily basis are; license plates, gas prices, receipts (bill totals), price tags, and allow your team to create number combinations (pictures) within your mind’s eye. Once you pay attention to number combinations start having fun with your Angel Team and all the messages you can receive. Enjoy the Day of Nov 11th with the reminder that your Guardian Angels never leave you and continue to be Divine support and love.

In addition, Doreen Virtue has the book ‘Angel Numbers 101’ you can learn more about number combinations, and you can also get the App on your IPhone.

In Love and Light Cindy