Dear Angel Friends

I had a beautiful month of September travelling to Grande Prairie, Naramata and Saskatoon. I am in gratitude for meeting new people and reacquainting with others. I am truly blessed with the opportunity to travel and meet so many wonderful people.

The leaves are falling off the trees and I can see snow on the mountains. A time of change with Mother Nature and with us; are you fighting the change or perhaps you are welcoming it. I realized this morning when I woke up that I have been fighting the change. My energy felt sluggish and when I opened my curtains I noticed the leaves falling from the trees, and my gut reaction was ‘NO’ I am not ready for winter. I received clarity at that moment how I have been pushing away the gentle transition of Mother Nature’s seasons with my language and thoughts about fall and winter. I believe I have started to create resistance within my own vibration about the change, and because of this my physical has started to react with sluggishness, restlessness at night, sleep patterns changing, and my immune system has been working overtime. As I write this message I am asking my Angel Team to assist my energy to rebalance for self and with Mother Nature. Accept change with ease and grace.

Perhaps you can check in with self and see, feel, know and hear how you are accepting the change around you and within. I have asked Archangel Ariel to give us a message concerning Mother Nature and change.

I close with, “Enjoy the fall and gentle transition into Winter.”

In Love and Light Cindy