International Angel Day

I decided for this Newsletter I would share the history of International Angel Day (IAD) and why it is important for Jaden and I to host this event every year. IAD starts back to a day many of us remember, 9\11. Doreen Virtue (founder of IAD) witnessed the level of community reaching and supporting each other after such a tragedy and loss in New York City. Like Doreen, many of us watched from a far the tragedy and then the pulling together of community to support each other and rebuild. IAD reflects a celebration of community working together in Divine Energy and connection to higher vibration. Jaden Sterling and I took the course, Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue. During this course Doreen discussed with the class her intention to have Angel Therapy Practitioners around the world holding a workshop or an event each year around the time of 9/11 to continue to share and celebrate our connection with community and Divine Angel Energy. I remember when Doreen mentioned this event, I knew at that moment I was guided to hold space for IAD. The first IAD I hosted was in Comox BC in Sept 2008. I was then guided to start holding the event in Calgary even before I moved here.

I would like to share a brief example of how my Angel Team (Guardian Angels and Archangels) worked to align Jaden and I hosting this event together. I believe in NO coincidence, everything happens for a reason.

Jaden and I briefly met during the course with Doreen, at the time he lived in Florida and I in BC. We did our first card reading together. We shared each other’s emails at the time to keep in touch, but never did. Fast forward to a year later, when I was guided to attend an ‘I can do it’ Hay House conference in Las Vegas. During the first workshop of event, I was sitting with a friend, and noticed Jaden walk into the room. I jumped up and went straight to him with the ‘Oh my gosh’ statement, “Here we are meeting again”. Because I believe in no coincidence, I knew the Angels were bringing us together for a reason, even if at that time, we were living thousands of kilometers away from each other and yet we were brought back together. Jaden still jokes to this day about how bossy I was about having lunch and planning the future; I remember it has a little encouragement. All fun aside Jaden and I both knew at that moment in time we were being guided to work together and start teaching. Did it matter that he was in Florida and I in BC; NO. I told Jaden about planning an IAD event in Calgary for Sept of 2009 and asked if he would like to host it with me. There was not hesitation because he knew it was all divinely orchestrated. Join us at IAD and hear about how Jaden’s team had even bigger plans for him because now Jaden lives in Invermere, BC and is married to a most wonderful friend of mine. Everything that lead up to Jaden and I meeting first in Hawaii and then again in Las Vegas was all Divinely Guided for both of our Highest purpose. Jaden and I could have ignored the signs that guided us to each pivotal point in our lives starting from that first card reading with each other; however, we did pay attention and trust our intuition and Angel guidance; now we are HOSTING THE 5TH INTERNATIONAL ANGEL DAY in Calgary.

Jaden and I discuss at the beginning of each IAD about how to learn and connect with your guidance so you can also understand and pay attention to your own signs. I have experienced many signs from small to big; from a thought that keeps repeating so I pay attention or signs that keep me out of danger. I could write pages of examples about signs that are connected to my four main senses; hearing, seeing, knowing and feeling that my Angel Team has orchestrated. Do you know what signs your team uses to get your attention? Join us at IAD and learn more.

Jaden and I change up the agenda of IAD each year; however, we continue to hold Doreen Virtue’s intention of community and connection with your Angel Team. My favourite part of each IAD is when we have every person join hands in a circle. The intention of the circle is for healing for self and loved ones and sending out high vibration to community surrounding us. This is an amazing experience and Jaden and I receive feedback every year how people are moved and really can feel the energy moving around us and within.

This year is significant for Jaden and I to host because of what we all experienced and witnessed during the floods in our region. Community supporting and working together; we will set intention to honour all who have lived through diversity and the community who has volunteered and supported one another to heal and rebuild.

In Love and Light Cindy Smith