Children of Love, we ask your focus to be compassion. Compassion for others around you, with NO judgement children, only love intention. All children are of Love. How do you share love with others? Do you give of yourself, how do you contribute to the wellness of others around you. Little steps children, share a smile, a hug, share food, volunteer time needed to help others, give of yourself in little measure. Be present with the understanding of compassion for self, and many. Your view outside of self is to see others as equal. Perhaps it is space you hold dear, share space with others, to allow the love to be shared regardless of gender, beliefs, and environment. Give with love children, and balance follows your path chosen. Be who you are, a loving and giving child of God. Compassion shines, now allow and share your love in simplistic ways. GIVE

In blessings, Bridget