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Thank you for your interest in Angel Empowerment Courses! Below are lists of some of the ongoing courses and workshops. healing hands grande prairie. To register for an upcoming course or for a complete list of locations and dates, click on below tabs Angel Card Readings Calgary.
For a list of Certified AEP™ and Advanced AEP™ practitioners, please visit the Links page!
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Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Course (4 Day)

An opportunity for Personal Development and or become a Certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner™. Develop more of your intuitive trust yourself with Angel Empowerment Tools. Learn to communicate stronger with your Angel Team and choose to enhance your joy in all areas of your life.

How will becoming certified as an AEP™ assist you?

Become a certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ (AEP™) and learn how to heal and connect with the angels. Cindy has blended her learning’s together to create a well-balanced Angel Empowerment tool box! Take this certification for your personal development or use it as an opportunity to put new skills in to effect to enhance your spiritual, healing, counselling or energy based business.

Over the years of teaching this course Cindy states, “One third takes this class to learn and trust to communicate with their Angel Team, another third takes it to become a Certified Practitioner and the last third take it to enhance their already Lightworker business. Whatever your reason trust your Angel team has led you to this page to register. In Cindy’s world she believes in no coincidence.

• You will develop and enhance your intuitive abilities.
• Open and Trust in your own natural intuitive and healing power.
• Gain practical skills with other students.
• Some key skills taught are: how to do professional angel card readings, chakra understanding and clearing, power of thought and working with Archangels to learn several techniques such as, Angel Card Readings, Energy Cord Cutting/Changing, Using a Rainbow shield, Energy Ball Releasement, Belief Pattern change, Past life healing and the basics of mediumship, and more…………….

Questions are welcome!
Send an email to:

Note: When you click on the register button below, you will fill out an application which will be processed by Cindy. You will have option to pay in full or payment plan.

Cost is $888.00 + GST (Payment plans available for up to 4 payments!)
Register: Red Deer, Feb 14-17 Register: Saskatoon March 28-31Register: Calgary, AB March 9-12

Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Hands on Healing Program (5 Day)
Pre-requisite: Take the Angel Empowerment Practitioner course but not required to be certified!

Hands on Healing with the Angels Program Overview:

  1. When I was given this insight by Archangel Raphael, I said NO at first, and then I was given a vision of Carl. I am in gratitude that Carl has welcomed the idea with an open heart! Otherwise, I would never have taken on this aspect of healing in the physical without Carl’s partnership of knowledge and intuitive ability. Dr. Carl Le Roux is a family physician and a fellow AEP™.
  2. Carl and I truly believe by working with the 3 minds (conscious, unconscious, aumakua) and the physical body this program will be life changing for people. Basically, we are talking to all minds as we allow Archangel Raphael to flow his healing, and clients are repeating what we are saying out loud for them.
  3. The symptom will be presented to us as the practitioner and we use all of our AEP™ tools (cord cutting, past life healing, energy ball releasement, belief system change, etc.) to remove the energy being stored in the physical body. We will never diagnose! WE will use our intuitive connection with Angels to trust what techniques to use.
  4. You will be provided with a step by step program of healing you may use for each client, no matter the symptom. The program uses a hand book which includes: language to use with all anatomical systems while flowing Archangel Raphael Healing, and language to use with most major health symptoms. Note: Symptom section will grow over time because Carl has made commitment to be available for expansion on language to use for any symptom a client presents to you.
  5. Client will make a commitment to see practitioner for 3-4 sessions to work on healing with all anatomical systems in addition to symptom.
  6. Clients will be given language to use for self to allow the healing to continue.

Cost is $1488.00 + GST (Payment plans available for up to 4 payments!)
Fall Dates TBADr_Carl_Le_RouxMessage from Dr. Carl Le Roux:





“I am a family physician in Saskatoon. I was born in South Africa and did my medical training there. I moved to Canada many years ago, wrote my Canadian exams and now work full time in Saskatoon as a family physician. I met Cindy at an expo in Saskatoon – I walked past her booth and was attracted to her energy. At that time I had no idea how that chance meeting would change my life! I did a 2 day course with her in Saskatoon, went to Ireland and did the AEP course there (it was an amazing experience) and just repeated the AEP course with her in Saskatoon. Cindy and the Angels have transformed my life. I was getting discontent in my work as a physician and always felt there was something more to help my patients.

Illness comes into our lives for various reasons. Our experiences, interaction with other people, diet, activity, mood, etc., all affect our immune system, which in turn, affects our health. Being a physician gave me the knowledge on anatomy, symptoms and illness and how this affects our health. Working with energy and the angels helps me to understand the power we have to affect our health. I believe we each have the power to be in perfect health. Just as we can set intention to manifest whatever we desire, we can manifest perfect health.

This program helps us to work with Archangel Raphael, who flows his healing energy through us to our clients. When we verbalize this process (starting at the cellular level, onto the different anatomical systems and ending in the brain), we communicate with the clients’ conscious mind, which then communicates with their unconscious mind and higher conscious mind (which knows our perfect health). Let’s work together to change people’s perception of symptoms and start empowering them to heal from within!

I am super excited to teach this program with Cindy to my fellow AEP’s to give them tools to help others on their path to perfect health. I am in much gratitude to the Angel team that brought Cindy and I together and guided us to develop this exciting program.”

Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Course (5 Day)
Pre-requisite: Completed AEP™ Course with a 6 week break in between courses.

*Not required for Certification in AEP™

The Advanced AEP™ is an intense 5 days of skill work and strengthening in confidence using your gifts.

There is focus on presentation skills development, working with the Archangels doing guided meditations, building confidence in facilitating groups.

  • Full day developing skills in mediumship
  • Extensive work with all Archangels
  • Each student will facilitate a guided meditation (to be announced at course)
  • Psychic Spa techniques
  • Lecture Presentation

Upon completion of Advanced class, you can be certified as a medium if you qualify.

Cost is $1111.00 + GST (Payment plans available for up to 4 payments!)
Register: March 14-18, Calgary
Register: April 5-9, Langley, BC
Nature Angels the Fairy Realm (2 Day)
Hi Angel Friends,
I am so excited to promote my daughter on her new journey and opportunity to teach others. I am now learning from Carolyn, such as when she states,” Mom, Fairies are Nature Angels,” and then explains to me why.
She has been connected to the Fairy realm since she was a young child. She is now teaching a two-day course in Calgary and I am honored to be her assistant, and so excited to understand more. To learn all Carolyn is offering CLICK HERE
Carolyn is also offering Fairy Oracle and or Angel Oracle Sessions. She is available to meet in person Calgary and Okotoks AB. In addition, she would love to give you a session online thru zoom/skype or a phone session.

Read more below:

I know many of you have met Carolyn over the years, as she has been my #1 supporter since I started my light-worker journey, and I am sure you are as proud of her as I am. In Love and Light Cindy.
“Have You ever wondered who the fairies are? How can I connect with their energy? How can the Fairies help me in my everyday life? Or maybe you are already connected with them but want to learn more. Well, the fairies are a beautiful positive energy that is connected to both the divine and mother earth and that is why many refer to them as nature angels. In this course you will learn how the fairies can help you with different aspects of our life including; career, life purpose, creativity, and JOY! This is a great opportunity to connect and see how the fairies will present themselves to you in all your four senses; hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing! With their fun energy, it will be a great two days, where your inner child can come out to play! I Look Forward to meeting you and being apart of your journey!” Carolyn Smith
Included in the course:
  • One Fairy Oracle Deck
  • Fairy Crystal Grid
  • Life Purpose Map with the Fairies
  • Fairies and the four senses
  • How fairies assist children and the environment
  • Meditations
  • Chakra clearing and Increase Joy vibration
  • Fairy Card Readings for Self
  • And much more…
Check out her website here
Readings and other services with Carolyn
For a Fairy and or Angel Oracle Reading, she is available to meet in person in Calgary and Okotoks AB. In addition, she would love to give you a session online thru zoom/skype or a phone session.
Carolyn has been doing angel card readings since she took her first AEP at age 14. It has always been a passion of hers to help others trust in their team! During an Angel reading, Carolyn will tap into the client’s energy and receive messages from their angel team. 30 mins $40 and 60 mins $80
During a Fairy Card Reading Carolyn Connects with fairy energy to receive messages. The fairies can guide you through many aspects of your life including; career, finance, joy, life purpose, and connecting with nature. A reading with the fairies is positive and fun! Connect with your fairies or any fairies that come forward for you!
Carolyn also offers custom wire wrapping! If there is a stone you would like wrapped connect with her and she will create a beautiful pendant for you!

Wire wrapping costs change depending on difficulty but range from 15$- 25$ (Plus cost of stone if she picks it out)

“Carolyn is wise beyond her years… an old soul. She has a true gift of connection with the Angel and Fairy Realms I am impressed with the accuracy of her reading, both in explaining the cards and additional messages. Open your heart and mind to any messages you are meant to receive and you will be happy with the outcome. It was an honour and blessing to experience a reading with Carolyn!”
-Surekha Kanzig
Message From the Fairies!
My Friends,
Live in JOY NOW! Allow your energy to relax and ask us to assist in increasing your vibrational joy. Spend this year focusing on your loved ones and the parts of your life that make you happy. Stop from worrying and allow your path to unfold naturally. We walk beside you giving you courage and love. From Your Fairy Friends
Connect to Your Own Power Workshop (2 Day)

Move from I can’t to I can and trust in your own power.

Connect with your inner wisdom, guidance and intuition! Whether you are new or experienced in working in the angelic realm you will leave at the end of the weekend feeling empowered, relaxed and connected.

  • Learn to trust yourself
  • Learn to communicate with the Angelic realm
  • Gain new insights to self through guided meditations
  • Learn to clear your energy centres (chakras) to enhance your own clarity
  • Learn how your thoughts can empower and heal
  • Learn about energy cords and how to cut for yourself
  • Gain experience using an Angel Oracle Cards deck

Find a Connect to Your Own Power Teacher in Your Area.  Here are the Upcoming Courses!

Connect to Your Own Power Workshop Developed by Cindy Smith AAEP with Deb Weinberger 


Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 9:30 AM MDT
Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 4:00 PM MDT


Trinity Healing & Empowerment Centre
290080 Township Road 285
crossfield, AB T0M 0S0




Deb Weinberger
On A Wing Healing

Register: Oct 20-21 Crossfield

Connection to the Other-side Ta’ow Course (3 Day)

Spiritual Mediumship and Traditional Teachings

Connect to your ancestors and spirit world with NO Fear – Be Safe to Use your natural Gifts – Certification Course/Meeting Requirements in Class


  • Basics of Working with Spirit World
  • Basic teachings regarding Ancestors
  • Reincarnation
  • Using All your senses to Connect
  • Description of Crossed over Spirits
  • Why do Mediumship?
  • Main components of Mediumship
  • Protection with Archangel Michael
  • What does the Lost Realm Mean?
  • Using your Ancestors for guidance (no fear)
  • Traditional Teachings from Vern Piellle
  • Practice skills during class
  • One/one and group reading
  • Become a Certified Medium (your choice)
  • Experience a Cedar Brushing (Traditional Clearing)

Join us in November and experience Mediumship in a New way. I was guided to ask Vern to join me to bring in the Traditional teachings from the Ancestors in working with the Spirit World. I am very excited to teach this class. We will be on traditional lands for the class and you will have the opportunity to experience a cedar brushing (Traditional Clearing)

Location: Powell River BC  (Cindy will help set up bookings for accommodation)

Cost: $388 + GST

Optional: stay an extra day and go out on the Ocean with Vern in a covered boat to Traditional Lands (cost TBA for this day)

Vern Pielle’s Bio

Vern PielleHi, my traditional name is Oji’mixw (Gatherer of people) and my Christian name is Vern Pielle.

I was born in Powell River in 1958 and raised on Cortez Island, north of Powell River. For half of my childhood, I was raised in the Klahoose Nation on Cortez Island and the other half was spent in Powell River in the Sliammon First Nation.

I was fortunate enough to be raised by mother and grandparents. We lived and practised traditional and cultural practices such as food gathering, storytelling and living off the land. There are spiritual values in all that we do every day. I was always reminded of these values and practices by my mom and grandparents. All my life my spirituality has been important to me. I have seen, heard and felt the Spirit world all my life. My grandmother taught me how to value and respect spirituality always. My grandmother shared her healing hands with me when I was young and later in my life, my uncle shared with me as well.

As part of my wellness training, I met people 12 years ago who taught me Huna and NLP. My wife and Cindy introduced me to Angel Empowerment and the latest training is Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing. I am blessed to have all these people in my life and to be part of my healing journey.

I raise my hands to you all,

If you have any questions please Send an email to:  (Put the course name in the subject line.)

Cost is $388.00 + GST (Payment plans available for up to 4 payments!)
Register: Nov 17-19, Powell River, BC
Honoring Our Sensitive Kids



November 1st & 6th, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Have you noticed your child/teen is:

  • very sensitive?
  • struggles with worry or anxiety?
  • has sensitivities or allergies?
  • is often unhappy or stressed?

We have seen a significant increase in anxiety, sensitivities, allergies, unhappiness and physical ailments in our youth.  Through social media, our kids are exposed to much more fear based energy.  With some simple tools and strategies, kids and adults alike can protect themselves and feel empowered, confident and happier.  

In our workshop, Honoring Our Sensitive Kids, adults and kids will learn simple tools and strategies to protect themselves and feel empowered, confident and happier.  

This workshop is for both parents (or grandparents, aunts, uncles) and kids.

The Adult’s Workshop includes:
    ~all the tools children are being taught allowing you to support them and yourself.
    ~understand what it means to be a sensitive kid
    ~learn to become aware of both negative and positive projections onto children and how to make changes.
    ~discover ways to keep our children in touch with their intuitive self.
    ~learn language to assist children in positive change.
    ~and so much more.
    ~workbook included.

The Children’s Workshop includes:    *recommended for ages 6-12 years
    ~simple tools to empower themselves to handle stress, fear, worry, anger, unhappiness, anxiety, etc.
    ~connect with other sensitive kids
    ~learn simple ways to move through their emotions
    ~learn ways to trust their intuition
    ~take home tools that can be used to deal with stress, emotions, etc.
    ~take home a journal and workbook to reinforce what is learned.

*Please note that at least one parent or guardian must attend with their child.


Cindy Smith – Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Instructor/Developer
A transformational teacher and author who empowers all to trust in their own Angel Team/Intuition and explore infinite possibilities!

With a background in nursing, counseling, child and youth care, a Masters in Time Line Therapy and NLP and Huna training, Cindy teaches from a wealth of concrete information combined with her intuitive gifts to present a balanced, skilled approach to ‘Honoring our Sensitive Kids’.  Cindy loves to teach and has developed the Angel Empowerment Practitioner Certification Course and co-created with Dr. Carl Le Roux the Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing.  Cindy states, “One of the most powerful experiences for me is when I witness individuals ‘Move from I can’t too I can.’

Nola Peacock is passionate about making the world’s future a brighter one.  As an author, speaker, coach, trainer and founder of Confident Happy Kids, Nola helps kids and their parents  to create happy, harmonious and fun filled lives through her Confident Happy Kids and Parents programs.

Nola brings her experience as a paediatric nurse, a mentor for kids for over 30 years, as well as her strong intuition and connection with her angel team to help empower kids.  With the increase in the number of kids struggling with fear, anxiety, and even depression, Nola is committed to changing this through a powerful new program called Honoring Our Sensitive Kids.

Nola has recently launched the Parents Resource Centre and will be hosting an event in May 2018.  The Parents Resource Centre is a site to access resources, support, and ideas for parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches or anyone who interacts with children.

Please join Parents Resource Centre Facebook Group to discover more great resources, services ideas to support your family.

Debbie Weinberger has been an Angel Empowerment Practitioner since 2014.  She completed this course on an incredible journey across Ireland. She obtained her Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner Certification in Sept. 2016.  Through the use of oracle cards Debbie connects to a client’s Angel team to obtain guidance for life today.  Debbie also has many Angel Techniques that she uses to help her clients.   Debbie is a Reiki Master in Usui, Karun, Lightarian and Holy Fire II Reiki.  Debbie practices Reiki, Angel Healing and Crystal healing through her Healing practice located in her home, in Airdrie. One of Debbie’s greatest passions is teaching children and adults Reiki and Angelic healing, to assist them to thrive in our chaotic world and to help others do the same.  Debbie is a mother, grandmother and a long time Airdrie resident.

Register: Nov 1st & 6th, Calgary, AB