Archangel Gabriel Message for Nov 2013

My children, one of your communication tools with us is your thoughts. What you think, we hear. We connect with your intent of thought. Thoughts are powerful as a manifesting tool with Universal energy. Imagine your thoughts travelling like sound waves direct to our Divine vibration. Thoughts have the same impact with us in the Divine as the impact of speaking your thoughts to others around you receiving your communication of speech. Through your thoughts you may ASK for assistance, guidance, support, healing, love, and help. Your thoughts equal speech within our vibration. My children, your thoughts create what you desire to experience in your physical realm. Acknowledge your thoughts and the power they hold within intention. We recognise at different moments in your time you are unaware you have asked for our assistance by a simple thought; therefore, accept your responsibility for what you have asked for.

Your numeral symbol of 11 11 represents from us a reminder of the power of thoughts. Are your thoughts creating love and light for yourself and your experiences? Your thoughts are the focus of intent, therefore, reflecting what you choose for experience. Start in your NOW, this moment in your time to bring your awareness of thought patterns and choice. My children ask for assistance from Divine Power to become aware of thoughts you may be creating that no longer serve your highest good. Your thought patterns can create positive change. You have the power of thought always. Choose to acknowledge the power of your thoughts NOW, become aware of the truth of your thoughts and accept your own personal power with Divine intent. Thoughts create choice, choice creates power and power of thought is the ability to be in your own cause and responsibility. Manifest all you desire with us.

11 11 is a symbol in your time to remind you of the power of positive thought and WE the Divine can create with you.

So It Is, Archangel Gabriel