Archangel Gabriel Message – Part 1 – Nov 2016

Archangel Gabriel Message – Part 1 – Nov 2016

Message with Archangel Gabriel November 2016 (Co-create Action Using Divine Audio Vibration)

“My children we continue on the theme of Co-Creating with Divine Vibration: Bring your attention to ACTION STEPS in co-creating with us all you desire. We will assist with guidance in using your audio sense to co-create with messages from Divine Vibration and your ability to use the POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS. This message my children will be shared in two parts; allowing for action on your part first.

Read below the questions and take time to write down the answers without our assistance; using your own beliefs and inductive reasoning.

  • Do I believe in the Power of Thought?
  • Does Divine Vibration communicate to me through my own thoughts?
  • How do I know the difference between thoughts I create and the thoughts I hear from my Angel Team?
  • How does my self-doubt stop me from hearing my Angel Team?
  • Is it possible to practice and become stronger in my own power of thought?
  • Is it possible to practice and become stronger in hearing my Angel Team?
  • When I state an affirmation can my Angel Team help to make it more compelling to my unconscious mind (computer within) for increase in change?
  • Does my Angel Team hear all my thoughts and take action no matter the consequence?
  • Does my Unconscious mind (computer within) hear all my thoughts and take action no matter the consequence?

Now take the time to read the questions again and ASK US to assist with the answers, and write down the answers you receive through thoughts from us. These are the steps to follow;

  • Ask the question to US and allow in thought form to receive the answers and write these answers down on paper. Once complete read and see if any of the answers are different from your first response.

We are asking our child Cindy to also receive the answers to the questions above from US and she will share in a future message for you; first allowing you to gain your own clarity and practice in receiving assistance with US by using your thoughts.

My children continue to ask for assistance and our presence to be with you as you complete ACTION Steps to increase your audio awareness in creating outcomes.

You are using your Audio Sense to create and manifest all you desire by acknowledging Action in co-creating. Action equals courage of change and accepting ALL you are NOW and in your future! Co-create Action with us NOW. TRUST AND BE IN ACTION! SO IT IS.”