Archangel Gabriel Message – Part 2 – Nov 2016

On November 23, 2016 Archangel Gabriel gave a guided message concerning using your Divine Sense of Audio. He asked questions for you to answer for self. To follow he asked me to answer the questions guided by him a week later. Below are the answers from Archangel Gabriel to the questions. I am really excited to share with you his answers.

Do I believe in the Power of Thought?

My children, the power of thought is essential to your acquisition of all you desire. Your thoughts create your experience within your physical, emotional and spiritual state of being. A thought creates your reality of your NOW.  Divine hears your thoughts as the thoughts are sent out to Universal Vibration.

Does Divine Vibration communicate to me through my own thoughts?

My Children, when you are asking a question out loud or thinking within we will answer you using all your senses. Please pay attention to your thoughts as you ask for guidance because through your own thoughts we are able to communicate. When our Divine Vibration is ASKED to assist, we will address you through your thoughts. WE assist to increase the frequency of the thought vibration to allow your ability to know the difference between your own thoughts and our vibration. Imagine, our thoughts forming with your thoughts and surrounded in Love Vibration, a higher frequency and a feeling of lightness as floating on clouds. Use all of your senses to acknowledge and accept when you feel our guidance through your thoughts. When needed and in highest form of intention we will assist through thought form communication beyond your questions to increase your awareness of Divine Assistance, encouragement, a gentle message to keep you safe, message of Divine Love, and assistance with acknowledging your ego traps. Your Guardian Angels are with you and waiting to Assist, please Ask and Listen with the intent of Knowing you are being helped and guided on the path of highest intent.

How do I know the difference between thoughts I create and the thoughts I hear from my Angel Team?

My children, once you have asked for Assistance from the Divine in all forms, begin by asking for assistance to know the difference between your own thoughts created and the Divine Placement of thoughts. The Divine Thoughts placed for you to understand and acknowledge are surrounded in a higher frequency. Use all your senses to accept and understand the difference of your own thoughts and Divine by feeling the thought (with a focus on your heart centre and a strong feeling of love vibration); ask us to use a symbol within your mind’s eye to confirm the message is from Divine (perhaps a feather, harp, coin, flower, butterfly the list is limitless), and you may just use Divine Knowing as back up of confirmation your thought is Divinely Guided. Practice my children and trust. Once you pay attention to a symbol as confirmation we will acknowledge as so, and continue to use the same symbol.

How does my self-doubt stop me from hearing my Angel Team?

My children, we witness your self-doubt like a shrinking of vibration. This includes your tendency to close in with self which is the opposite of expansion to receive the openness of Divine Guidance/assistance; therefore think big and open to receive. At any moment in your time when fear is present it will also shrink your ability to be open and to receive. Many years ago we guided our child, Cindy, to use the following statement with self when self-doubt occurred; ‘I love you ego and I ask you to be quiet NOW as I accept Divine Guidance.’

Is it possible to practice and become stronger in my own power of thought?

My children, YES AND YES; FEEL, SEE, HEAR AND KNOW THIS ANSWER. Practice is awareness of your thoughts at all times. Bringing awareness of your ability to change thoughts quickly and easily when your focus and intent becomes surrounded in negative vibration. Take the time to be in a mindful state and visualize the difference between what occurs with the different vibrational thoughts; negative or positive. Bring attention to your physical body as you practice thoughts in a mindful state. Imagine your positive thoughts being sent out to the Universe on our wings of Divine Vibration. Once you acknowledge the power and intention you hold with your thoughts it will become automatic for your awareness to increase. ALLOW FOR ASSISTANCE IN THE TEACHING AND PRACTICE OF THOUGHTS AND THE ABILITY TO MANIFEST WITH US.

Is it possible to practice and become stronger in hearing my Angel Team?

My children; Yes, using confirmation tools from Us and acknowledging when you are in Divine Truth of knowing, will quiet your ego and decrease negative self-talk and self-doubt. Practice in thriving with us is equal to practice with any other task in your physical being. You are allowing and developing new patterns at an unconscious and conscious level.

When I state an affirmation can my Angel Team help to make it more compelling to my unconscious mind (computer within) for increase in change?

My children, Yes, allow us to increase the vibration of your affirmation/thought pattern. Lifting the vibration frequency of your affirmation assists to manifest your desires easily with a higher intent of Divine Knowing of your truth within. ASK AND SO IT IS.

Does my Angel Team hear all my thoughts and take action no matter the consequence?

My children, we hear all your thoughts. We only increase the vibration of thoughts when asked to do so, which increases love vibration with manifesting action with thoughts. We are unable to block your thoughts sent out to Universe even when we know they have negative vibration because of you free will. Your existence in physical form is to learn and grow with free will. We can only assist when asked to increase positive vibrational thoughts.

Does my Unconscious mind (computer within) hear all my thoughts and take action no matter the consequence?

My children, your unconscious mind has no capacity to discern right or wrong within your highest intention. Therefore; all thoughts are received by your computer/unconscious mind and sent out to the Universe to manifest all you focus upon. Understand this key component to creating all your focus.

My children, you create your reality negative and positive. Ask for Assistance to bring practice of Acknowledging your focus/intent of thoughts. Practice builds positive patterns and strength of Divine Knowing.