Archangel Haniel Message for Oct 2016

Archangel Haniel Message for Oct 2016

“My children bring your attention to ACTION STEPS to co-create with us all you desire.  During this moment in time we will assist with guidance in using your visual sense to co-create with us. We would like to bring back to your Now a previous statement given referring to ACTION STEPS.

– While you experience the NOW vibration, also create the task orientated steps. This is referred to as co-creating with US. ASKING and allowing our assistance in creating and manifesting your steps of action. Action = outcomes which may be considered future vibration. When your steps are manifested and acknowledged bring the outcome into your NOW. Use all your SENSES to acknowledge steps and outcome.-

My children ask for assistance and our presence to be with you as you complete ACTION Steps to increase your visual awareness in creating outcomes. Visual tools for each of you to use may include a visual meditative state and or Visual Boards. Ask for assistance using a Meditative state with the outcome of visual still or moving pictures created within your mind’s eye as you breathe and relax in meditation. As you meditate ASK for our guidance to create the pictures with you in co-creation.  The most important step of co-creating an outcome in meditative state is to bring the final outcome (Your visual) into your NOW time as if you are experiencing the outcome in your Now time. Once your meditative state is finished, draw the pictures or describe the pictures on paper to assist with attracting your outcome into the NOW. Continue to look at your description until the outcome is manifested in your NOW time. Allow us to co-create with you and stop any frustration or impatience with time, and state to yourself, ‘All is completed in Divine Timing as I am open to receive my outcome’ Now you are manifesting with us and using the strength of your Visual Sense.

In addition, My children ask for assistance in creating a visual tool such as a Vision Board with ACTION STEPS. Using your Visual Creativity and clairvoyance Sense create a Visual board, with pictures, objects, and maps which ALL refer to an outcome of manifesting in your NOW. Continue to look at the Visual Board you created several times throughout each day until your outcome is experienced in your NOW.  We encourage you to meditate with your Visual board and bring all pictures into your NOW.

You are using your Visual Sense to create and manifest all you desire by acknowledging Action in co-creating. Action equals courage of change and accepting ALL you are NOW and in your future! Co-create Action with us NOW. TRUST AND BE IN ACTION! SO IT IS.”