Archangel Jophiel Message for May 2016

My children; Choose Happiness and Joy in your life right NOW. Happiness attracts joyful experiences and assists in co-creating with US, your Divine Vibration, all you desire in your emotional and physical realm. How do you create Happiness?
1) Believe you can create your own happiness
2) Stop focussing on any negative circumstances/experiences
3) Find the Positive in outside circumstances/experiences
4) Ask Us for Assistance to Lift your Vibration
5) Stop any fear of change from lowering your vibration
6) Be courageous concerning change and continue to focus on the positive outcome
7) Share you Happiness with self and others and experience the increase in vibration
8) Take time throughout your day and be thoughtful of the Happiness you have in your life NOW
9) Be in gratitude for all you experience
10) Be aware of your thoughts and emotions; do they create happiness
11) Acknowledge Happiness and Joy as the biggest gift you can give yourself
12) Co-Create with us Happiness, Joy, Acceptance, Love and Prosperity

Allow this following belief to be in your KNOWING; “I co-create my Truth of happiness, joy and prosperity as a beacon of light to share within and around me. As I share my light I am open to co-create Happiness as I bring balance of Giving and Receiving. I am in Gratitude for all I experience in the physical realm.”