Archangel Michael Message for Jan 2016

“My children, be in your Now time and create thoughts. Write thoughts on paper; a letter to self. Address the letter to self and Divine vibration. The letter is to focus on positive thoughts. Set your intention for your year of 2016, as if your intention is in the NOW and present with your vibration. You are setting intention for your year of 2016 by asking and allowing in your NOW. Let us create your intention with you in your NOW. Use all of your senses; feeling, knowing, hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell to create all you desire or intend in your NOW. RECEIVE! Once you have written your letter, read several times to yourself or a loved one. ASK yourself and us the following questions:
“Do I limit in any way what I am setting intention for?
Do I believe what I am asking for is possible?
Do I set negative expectations on my intention?
Do I use any negative language in my letter?
Do I allow other people to influence my intention?
Am I open to Receive assistance?
Do I feel I am worthy to accept and receive assistance?
Do I accept responsibility of my own thoughts?
Do I focus my intention on cannot?
Do I focus my intention on Yes I can”
My children ask for assistance in writing your letter to bring white-light of love into your intention. Once your letter is complete allow us to work with you to set the intention and place the vibration of the letter into your spirit and physical being. Once complete store your letter in a sacred place. Periodically in your future time, read your letter and continue to bring in your NOW.
My children, we the Divine Vibration would like to assist with all you intend to experience and BE.”