Archangel Michael Message for Jul 2013

“My children, we ask focus on this exact moment of your time. Be present with self as you read this message. Live it as it is this moment the only moment you can change and accept. You have the power of Your Now energy. Please be in it. My children we understand your notion of planning and acknowledging your future. Accept the planning as it is being in this moment. You have no ability to change your future only this moment of time. We can create with you to manifest your future as you desire with the focus being on the Now. Right now my children focus as your future is Now. There is NO time in our Divine vibration; therefore, it is interesting as we witness your focus on energy outside of the Now. Overwhelm and stress energy is due to a focus outside of your Now. My children please stop your focus of what is to be and accept Now as it is. We will assist to create in this moment. To manifest think, feel, know and hear as it is in your NOW time. It is easier for Divine to create the vibration in your NOW, with this focus it is presented in Divine Timing of your Now. Be present with self my children and let all worries evaporate into energy. Focus on what action you do NOW, let go of past actions and future actions to stay out of anxiety.

Please say to yourself when you are experiencing overwhelm. ‘Where am I?’ Acknowledge with self that you are far out of your NOW energy, then bring yourself back to the NOW and focus on each moment of what you are capable to do, feel, know this moment of time, NOW. The NOW energy will assist in chaos. Breathe and allow, balance and connect, and continue to breathe in your now. As always my children ask for assistance to understand the presence of NOW. So it Is.” Archangel Michael.