Archangel Raguel Message for Aug 2017

Message from Cindy, “When I was channelling the message for July from Archangel Raguel he wanted to continue and discuss worry vibration; therefore; this is another part to our Series on Well-Being.”

Archangel Raguel Message – Aug 2017

Your WELL-BEING and worry

“My children; there is no worry in our Divine vibration; however, we witness your emotion of worry. All types of worry effects your WELL-BEING in a negative way. Worry takes your presence out of your NOW vibration. Worry equals a sense of wanting control of future moments in your time. There is no control of future Time; only control in your NOW vibration. You may manifest your desires for future as if the experience exists in the NOW. This ability to manifest provides a sense of control in a positive manner.

Worry causes a physical change in your physical being, as related to the language of stress. Therefore; acknowledge worry equals stress for your physical body.

My children; worry vibration concerning someone else; is loved based vibration and yet causes a negative effect on you. Perhaps you are worrying over a loved one’s health, life experiences, and their relationships. We acknowledge your love and support for others and the many ways you achieve this in positive ways. Worrying over a loved one is a negative vibration and brings fear into your NOW existence. Listen to your language and acknowledge the times you use the word of worry. Ask for our assistance to bring to your conscious awareness when you use the word worry thru thought form and vocal form.  We will assist to change your vibration to positive:

  • When you worry about someone you love ask us to assist in canceling and clearing the worry vibration and send love to the person
  • When you worry about a loved one ask us to assist with acknowledging what is in your control and change your vibration to acceptance of NOW in positive
  • When you worry about an event in future, bring your awareness back to NOW, and ask for assistance to focus on a positive outcome in your NOW concerning future event
  • When you experience anxiety in your NOW, ASK for assistance to acknowledge the worry vibration at that moment in time connected to anxiety – use breath work – focus on Now – and Ask us for assistance to bring peace and safety in your NOW.
  • When your worry is connected to fear vibration, ask for assistance in protection with white light to create a sense of peace NOW, and focus on positive vibration in your highest form of good.

Ask and so It Is.”