Archangel Raphael Message for Apr 2017

Archangel Raphael Message April 2017

I asked Archangel Raphael to define the term WELL-BEING for the March Newsletter, this is the 2nd part of the 6 part definition of his answer; Part 2 is related to our Physical Being.

My children, your overall well-being is a term used to include all aspects of your experience living in a physical realm. Your every- day experiences include your emotions, physical body, thoughts, communication and interaction with other physical beings, communication with Divine, and your environment. The acknowledgement of overall well-being includes all of the aspects for mentioned. My children, to assist in a deeper understanding we will share a definition of our perception of your experiences in physical form and how you can increase your overall well-being if you choose to acknowledge your perception of how you see yourself in experiences as you.

My children, your physical body is equal in priority of all other aspects of your experience in your physical realm. Your physical is your vessel of Divine light to encounter all you encompass as a soul in your physical realm. Your physical body is a priority in how you choose to experience the ALL vibration. Our question to you my children; HOW DO YOU HONOR YOUR PHYSICAL BODY? Are you treating your body as we would guide you to do so? We acknowledge each soul is choosing to know life in the physical as an individual vessel of light. My children help us to help you! We must be asked to help in all areas of your life. There are no room for negative emotions connected to your physical body; such as, guilt, anger, disgust, frustration, punishment towards your physical, these emotions you create as an individual with no connection to Divine. We love your body as it is in light form NOW. We encourage the self-examination how you HONOR your physical body, as we do.

My children, we will assist you by encouraging a task, by taking notes in written or thought form in how you have honored your physical body during your day. We will help to allow you to be open to recognize how easy simple actions towards your body each day can build a strong foundation for your overall well-being. Be flexible in changing habits and patterns to enhance how you honor your body in a positive vibration.

My children, all aspects of stress affect your well-being. Learn to be in your NOW, and change your focus towards your physical body during stressful situations. My children, pay attention to your physical at different times throughout your day to admit stress may be affecting your physical. Simple signs to notice are tension in muscles, increased or lowered heart rate, digestion abnormal symptoms, headaches, vision irregularity, and a truth with self your physical body feels unusual. Once you learn to identify with self you are in a stressful situation, use the Divine tools for assistance to shift your awareness and change your physical response/state.

Honoring your physical body in the Now Vibration:

  • First give permission to RECEIVE our Healing Vibration
  • Breathe your normal breath and increase oxygen in your physical
  • Visualize your physical being surrounded in our Green Healing Vibration which brings calmness and peace and allows your muscles to relax in a normal healthy state
  • During your visualization of our Healing Vibration around you bring in the Healing during your inhale of breath
  • When acknowledge different physical signs of stress ASK for our assistance to flow our Healing Vibration to the affected area and be open to RECEIVE.

And So It is!