Archangel Raphael Message for Anxiety Nov 2017

“My children; your physical being is your vessel of light. Yes, my children you learn and have lessons with your physical being. Your physical is of cellular vibration on your physical realm. Understand the importance of health within this realm of existence. Your NOW is how you understand your physical. Focus on the NOW of your health, stop from focusing on past or future. How do you take care of your physical? NOW!

Your vibration is connected to your cell being. Healthy cells create healthy body. Your Now, moment in time can enhance cell health. Stop stress on your cellular health of your physical being, and allow Divine to assist with any anxiety by keeping your body in relaxed and NOW vibration. My children if you experience Stress and Anxiety, ASK Divine Vibration to be present and say statements such as:

“I am NOW in control of my breath and I breathe with ease as I accept Divine Healing.”

“I am connected to my body and feel gentleness and relaxation as I accept Divine Healing.”

“I am in control of NOW, vibration.”

“I am present with self and acknowledge my ability to receive Divine healing NOW.”

And So It Is.