Archangel Raphael Message for Mar 2017

Archangel Raphael Message March 2017

I asked Archangel Raphael to define the term well – being.

My children, your overall well-being is a term used to include all aspects of your experience living in a physical realm. Your every- day experiences include your emotions, physical body, thoughts, communication and interaction with other physical beings, communication with Divine, and your environment. The acknowledgement of overall well-being includes all of the aspects that were mentioned. My children, to assist in a deeper understanding we will share a definition of our perception of your experiences in physical form and how you can increase your overall well-being if you choose to acknowledge your perception of how you see yourself in experiences as you.

My children, your experience in your emotional being is as important as your physical being. All aspects of your overall well-being interconnect with each other and affect your health experience in your NOW vibration. Your experience of emotions is an integral piece of all you are and how you filter your perception of within and around you. Using your emotions as a gauge of your experiences assists with acknowledging your life as you know it to be. Emotions can affect all other aspects of your well-being as we know you have experienced in your past. Take a moment in your time and choose to feel different emotions and pay attention to your physical body, the thoughts they trigger, and communication with us. Lower vibration emotions will change your response within and around you. High vibration emotions such as; joy, happiness, love, delight, elation, gladness, wonder, and bliss make it easier on your physical body to function in a positive state and communicate with our Divine higher vibration. WE choose to stop from bringing focus to the negative emotional state and trust when you acknowledge negative emotions will create the opposite of what you desire for your overall well-being. Your homeostasis within your physical being is a key to overall health and balance. Your emotional state will affect your homeostasis in your physical body.

My children, we can assist to move you out of a negative emotion as you experience it. ASK, and accept our assistance with your senses; visualize, feel, hear and trust a positive feeling. For us it is easy to assist you to be in a positive emotion by creating a memory of past positive experience which created love and joy. In your NOW vibration, visualize a filter (perhaps a light pink color) over your physical eyes which only allows you to experience a positive emotion as you view the environment around you. Feel the love vibration as you experience the filter from within.

My children, all aspects of stress affect your well-being. Learn to be in your NOW, and change your focus. Relax and experience love within your perception of a stressful experience. Especially your common experiences you brush off as normal to experience stress.

We acknowledge grief as an emotion to experience, when change is occurring in your NOW. My children, grief is a natural process of being and in no way would we lead you to stop the experience of  this emotion. ASK for assistance to process and move through grief in Divine Timing. Continue to focus on high vibration emotions which will assist to increase your overall well-being. And So it Is.

In the next few months the message will continue to focus on physical body, thoughts, communication and interaction with other physical beings, communication with Divine, and your environment.