Archangel Raphael Message Oct 2017

I asked Archangel Raphael to define the term WELL-BEING for the March Newsletter, this is the 6th part of the 6 part series of response; Part 6 is related to our Environment  and WELL-BEING.


March Message 2017

“My children your overall well-being is a term used to include all aspects of your experience living in a physical realm. Your every- day experiences include your emotions, physical body, thoughts, communication and interaction with other physical beings, communication with Divine, and your environment. The acknowledgement of overall well-being includes all of the aspects for mentioned. My children, to assist in a deeper understanding we will share a definition of our perception of your experiences in physical form and how you can increase your overall well-being if you choose to acknowledge your perception of how you see yourself in experiences as you.

Archangel Raphael Message well-being and your environment (October 2107)

“My children, we define environment as your surroundings or location of where you are physically situated. The environment we ask you to focus on is how and where it directly impacts your state of mind/well-being; your physical surroundings such as; home, career location, vehicle, and outdoors. We ask you to focus on the surroundings you inhabit or visit. Once you focus on your surroundings; acknowledge which locations bring you chaos or peace. To assist your well-being allow for more locations in your daily activities which bring peace. When you have no choice but to enter chaos locations; ask for assistance to keep your emotions, thoughts, and physical being in balance. Take deep breathes, connect with your mother earth and stay in balance. ASK FOR OUR ASSISTANCE TO ASSIST WITH BALANCE! Please pay attention to your thoughts at all times. Your thoughts can change all realms of vibration. Create positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive vibration which includes people and environment.”

And So It is!