Archangel Zadkiel Message for Aug 2013

“My children Love vibration is a powerful Divine emotion. Love is natural for all to share and experience within and around your vibration. Love is a gift for self and a gift to give to others. Love is within your vibration when you are given birth my children. Innate within regardless of your physical surroundings and your physical parents; love is with and within your guardian angels given to you on your birth. Your Divine knowing of this is accepted. You are in your physical being to understand and perceive your lessons; therefore, at different moments in your time you may question the understanding of Love. This Divine emotion never leaves your being; a beacon of light that shines in every moment of your time. My children you have the choice of how strong the beacon shines for others and yourself. Allow, to shine the beacon bright and feel the Divine Love within. We witness actions, for some of our children, who create self-doubt, self-sabotage, stop love within and from others. Your personal experiences cause questions of Love, deserving, giving and receiving. We would like to assist your energy in making changes in your personal power to accept and receive and once again allow on all levels; Love.

My children, Forgiveness of Self is the key to opening and accepting Love on all levels of your being. Stop focussing on who you must or need to forgive and focus on self. Your love of self begins with forgiveness NOW. Stop thinking of what mistakes were made and bring your awareness to the NOW. Let go of mistakes and begin to ask what lessons I understand NOW. Ask yourself, my children; ‘What lessons can I learn NOW, therefore, letting go NOW and become open to the realm of forgiveness and the understanding of Love within myself?’

Stay out of the past my children, focus on your NOW. Create with us the peace of forgiveness in the NOW. Take the time as you read this message;

Take several deep breaths, focus on your heart centre and allow us to flow Divine Love Direct to you. Let go of un-forgiveness for self and trust in LOVE within and around you. RECEIVE.”

Archangel Zadkiel