Angel Sessions with Cindy: What to Expect in a Session

If you have never worked with Cindy before she likes to explain how she works as she begins to set your expectations. She works with her Angel team who communicate with your angel team to receive messages of support, guidance and love from the angels to you. Cindy follows her guidance to use her varied healing skills to make each session a positive and healing experience.

Are you seeking guidance in relationships, health, life purpose, career or finances?

Cindy works with the some of the Archangels to offer:

  • Messages of guidance from your angel team
  • Energy Cord Clearing
  • Chakra scanning and chakra clearing
  • Past life healing
  • Parts integration
  • Angel Grids of protection
  • Energy Block removal
  • Cell/DNA Level Healing
  • Shifting Belief System/Patterns

Angel Readings may be done in-person or by phone, or by Skype. If you choose to visit in person you will find a private, peaceful setting which will help you feel at ease. Confidentiality is respected.

Cindy’s Rate is $100 per Hour

Techniques Explained:

As a certified medium Cindy has the ability to connect with crossed over loved ones. Do you have questions? Just want to connect? A session can assist you with forgiveness, grief, healing, answers and more.

Huna Energy Healing
Using the teachings of Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom, Cindy provides body healing work by invoking universal energy. Body aches, tension and pain can be relieved. Emotional blocks can be located and released through the power of Huna.

Past Life Healing Session with Archangel Raziel
Go beyond learning about a past life and understanding why you may have unwarranted fears or blocks in this life. Archangel Raziel works with you to allow energy blocks to be removed that may be affecting you in this lifetime. He shifts your cell memory in a way that you keep the positive lessons and remove any negative energy.

“This is one of the most effective techniques I get to witness for change in the NOW, the archangels will show me an event to share and then do the releasement to make any changes.” Cindy Smith

How to Book a Session with Cindy

Cindy also does readings at various locations, check the Events section for locations, times and booking info.

Book a Reading by Phone or Skype


Cindy’s workshop was informative, fun, and very healing for me. Originally i went to the seminar as i was interested in the huna aspect. After the two days i found the angel work to be the most mind opening for me, although i enjoyed the huna and chakra work as well. I’m very glad i went and would recommend her workshops to anyone. I also had a personal angel card reading done by Cindy which opened up some things i have not dealt with from my past. This was extremely healing for me and i would like to thank her again for that. Thank you 🙂