What is an Angel Card Reading/Session with Cindy Smith?

Cindy receives messages from a clients’ Guardian Angel Team. These messages are received thru 4 main senses (pictures, thoughts, feelings & knowing) which will be shared with the client.  Angel Oracle Cards can be used to show client pictures words etc. The practitioner uses the cards and receives additional messages to share.

During a session, clients can ask direct questions at any time during the reading. The goal is to have all questions answered before the session is complete.

Most common questions are related to relationships, health, life purpose, career & finances.

During a Reading, clients can also ask questions about loved ones.

Do Angels Give Messages that cause Fear?

NO Angels are vibrational Energy without an ego; divine love and white light energy. Angel messages have 3 main intentions; Now (what is working and what can be changed), assist with Healing from our Past, and messages for our future. The only fear a client may experience  during a session is a message that guides  change for the client, which will only be for the highest best intention.

What are Angel Techniques?

Archangels use different methods to help with releasement, healing physical & emotional, move thru blocks and fear based energy, stop tiredness or increase energy, remove negative energy, past life healing, belief pattern change and so much more.


More than a Card Reading

Techniques used by An Angel Empowerment Practitioner

  • Messages using Angel Oracle Cards
  • Energy Cord Cutting/Changing
  • Energy Shields for Protection
  • Energy Ball Releasement
  • Past Life Healing
  • Past Life Healing Vow and Contract Removal
  • Chakra Scanning
  • Chakra Clearing-Balancing-Vibration
  • Belief Pattern Change
  • Healing with Archangel Raphael


The Archangels do the healing the Practitioner is the Conduit

Cindy’s Rate is $120 per Hour

How to Book a Session with Cindy

Cindy also does readings at various locations, check the Events section for locations, times and booking info.

Mary Ann Sparling

March 31, 2015

When I signed up to take the angel workshop with Cindy I never expected it would be the most awesome life changing weekend of my life. The workshop went far beyond my expectations. I have been trying to better connect with my Angels for several years and just one weekend with Cindy was just what I needed to make it happen. I know now that the angels guided me to her and the days since the workshop have been amazing beyond my hopes. I now have a better understanding of my life’s purpose and know everyday filled with the angels love and support I will be able to accomplish anything. I know that I will be here to assist my beautiful crystal children to help make this world a better place. So yes WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Cindy. You have no idea how much you helped me in just two days.