Spiritual and Financial Freedom Course

Cindy and Jaden’s expertise in one workshop!

Spiritual and Financial Freedom is easily accessible when you’re truly ready for CHANGE. Learn how to Empower yourself by removing any possible blocks stopping you from being in Freedom. Cindy states, “As Facilitators, we were guided to teach together and bring our teachings and guidance to students to empower and assist with change. Jaden and I are so impacted by feedback from students we have decided to travel and teach outside of the Calgary, area.

During our workshop you will:

  • Eliminate what is holding you back from Spiritual & Financial Freedom
  • Upgrade your unconscious and conscious thought patterns about money
  • Change any negative beliefs you have towards money
  • Emotions and feeling, understanding how they both affect you spiritually and financially. This understanding is truly the key to change
  • Work with the Angels of Abundance to release all your fears towards money and spirituality
  • Learn the importance of language and the meaning behind ‘PERCEPTION IS PROJECTION”
  • Balance your ability to give and receive
  • Learn key steps to take ACTION NOW!
  • Work one on one with Cindy for past life healing


Cindy Smith AEP™

Cindy Smith AEP, Founder and Instructor of Angel Empowerment Practitioner TM Certification Course and the Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Certification Course with Dr. Carl Le Roux.  Cindy is known for her transformational teachings and for empowering people to trust their Angelic connection so they can move from, “I Can’t to I CAN.”  Cindy’s greatest passion is teaching others to connect with their inner power.

Cindy Smith is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium trained by Doreen Virtue. She holds a Substance Abuse Counselling diploma and has years of Child and Youth Care work experience.  In combination with this background and other modalities like her Masters in Time Line Therapy & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and Huna teachings, Cindy brings a well rounded and grounded approach to connecting you with your Angel team and empowering you to move from “I CAN’T” TO “I CAN!”

Jaden Sterling

Jaden had an epiphany at age 14. Jaden’s purpose was revealed in a “time stood still” moment. Jaden knew he was to speak on stages around the world about money and teach how to live a life of freedom all from personal experience.

Jaden knew before he could teach about money, he had to learn everything he could about it. In his 20’s, Jaden worked on Wall Street counselling thousands of people about investments. During that time Jaden discovered his intuitive abilities and applied them to buying stocks which allowed him to retire at age 31.

Fast forward to today, Jaden is the founder of Stocks 4 Freedom System. A step-by-step system…empowering novice investors to confidently buy and sell stocks led by their inner guidance and aligned with their core values.

Jaden is a sought after media expert featured regularly on radio, TV and in print including Calgary TV, Be Scene TV, Fox Business, Africa Business Daily, The Huffington Post, Om-Times Magazine and many others.

Jaden’s mission is to inspire 1 million people to take control of their finances and confidently buy and sell stocks. Jaden teaches from personal experience of living a life of financial freedom and from information he downloads from his spiritual guides… The One Voice.

The Spiritual & Financial Freedom Course held at Langley, BC on April 22-23rd

It’s been amazing to witness the transformative &  impact of “Change” in people through the course. For Cindy & Jaden it was really an incredible experience to have such a huge number of people who were so enthusiastic about  “Living An Abundant Financially Free Life.”

Hear what some of our participants had to say about the course..

“What an amazing experience!! Cindy and Jaden, helped me release the financial block and helped me open up to the abundance that I deserve”


” I am in so much JOY now because the blocks that I was able to remove, release and let go of has absolutely set my path. Thank you!!”


“I have had some blockages that I have had my entire life, and now they are gone. Recommend all of you to come and experience this. Thank you, Cindy and Jaden”



Truly ready to upgrade your thoughts and beliefs around Finances and Spirituality and are ready to move to an entirely new level, join Cindy and Jaden for this incredibly transformative weekend.

Registration is limited to only 20 people!

Calgary, AB: Early Bird Registration at $489.30 (includes GST)

Burnaby, BC: Early Bird Registration at  $489.30 (includes GST)

Saskatoon, SK: Early Bird Registration at  $489.30 (includes GST)

Bring a friend,  special price for 2 is $840 (includes GST)