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Set Intention with Archangels Maniest All you Desire for 2017/2018!

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NOTE:  Connection Details will be provided at time of registration, watch for an email from Cindy Smith.

Recorded Webinar on: Jan 8th – 2017, 2:00pm – 3:30pm 

Cost $29.40 (Includes GST) + Special Gift

What will you experience through webinar?

  • Using all your senses, work with Archangel’s Michael, Haniel, Gabriel, Uriel to set intention and create
  • Allow Archangel Michael to assist with Action to create
  • Allow Archangel Gabriel to assist with thoughts
  • Allow Archangel Uriel to assist with Divine Knowing
  • Allow Archangel Haniel to assist in creating a Vision Board for 2017
  • Choose 8 areas in your life to bring focus of change
  • Set intention with the number 8 by choosing 8 areas/topics you desire to create
  • Manifest with the 888 number combination with Archangels Michael, Haniel, Gabriel & Uriel
  • Includes a free Manifestation Meditation with 888 vibration and Archangels assistance
  • Includes time to Ask Cindy Questions

Direct Message from Archangel Michael “My children, if it is love you desire, accept.  If it is peace, accept, if it is abundance, accept, if it is health, accept, if it is harmonious relationships, accept.  We are here to assist in all your manifestation!”   Read More…

If you are unable to attend on Jan 8th purchase webinar now and the recording will be sent to you. Save on discounted price before Webinar.

**Special Gift** As a Bonus if you buy the Recorded Webinar, you will received an Angel Card Reading Video of Cindy Smith AEP Forecasting 2017.  This is a pre-recorded Video that will inspire and empower you on what to look forward to in the coming year!

Questions are welcome! 

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Register: $29.40 + Special GiftManifest with 2017



Recorded Webinars

Watch & Listen to Recorded Webinars at Your Convenience!

Learn at your convenience at home or on the go with these Recorded Webinars of working with Cindy Smith AEP and Your Angel Team!  Here’s a list of some of the Recorded Webinars available!

Introduction to the Angels Workshop (2 hrs): In this easy to follow two hour workshop you will learn how to learn from your Angelic team, using the 4 main senses we all have.  You will learn how to stop feeling tired and feeling like you’re stuck and how to get the most from your energy as a person and learn essential energy techniques to help protect and guide you on your path.
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Connect to Your Angel Team – Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 (1.25 hrs each): Learn to work with your Guardian Angels at your pace with Cindy Smith as well as using the four senses we all have.  Learn at your own pace in this 3 part series and work with your Guardian Angels and Cindy to strengthen your abilities & gifts.

Work with Your Guardian Angels to do Oracle Card Readings(1.25 hrs): You will be guided with Cindy Smith AEP and your Angel Team as they teach you how to use your Oracle Angel Decks to and Four senses to connect with your Angel Team and how to do Oracle Card Readings for yourself.  Also includes: Guided Meditation!

Assistance with Archangels to Set Intention for Positive Change (1.25 hrs): You will LEARN how to create Positive change in all areas of your life, and how to STOP fear of change and create opportunity (learn to quiet ego).  Manifest your DESIRES with Divine Vibration and followed with a Guided Meditation!

Assistance with Archangels to Set Intention to LOVE YOU and Make YOU a Priority (1.25 hrs): Through this you will learn how to Change Belief systems that may be getting in your way of all you desire to be.  With help from your Angel Team make a commitment to shine your light bright and uplift your vibration

How to bring Balance to Giving & Receiving (1.25): Learn how to balance Giving & Receiving and Why it is important!  Learn which Archangel to work with to achieve just that and what tools you’ll need to do the job.  Followed by a Guided Meditation to help assist balance your Giving & Receiving.

Higher Conscious Connection to Prosperity Webinar (2.5): During the Webinar you will learn the: Infinite Number of Prosperity Scale technique, Discuss our Higher Consciousness connection to Source and Prosperity, Correct Beliefs/Values around Money, Change beliefs that stop us from being at cause concerning prosperity and finally LISTEN to a Guided Meditation with Archangel Michael to be connected to the grid of “Higher Conscious Connection to the all Source of Prosperity”

Boomerang of Thoughts – Change the Pattern with Archangel Uriel (1.25): Learn in this Webinar about working with the power of your thoughts and making REAL change in how you can break the pattern of lower vibrational thoughts and help you be aware of which thought patterns you are creating (ex.  Money, Relationship, Emotions, Career, and Health).

Creating Balance of Ego and Divine Vibration in Harmony with Archangel Raguel (1.5):  In this Webinar you will truly understand the difference between Ego and Divine vibration.  Work with Archangel Raguel and Cindy as they guide you through the Conscious, Unconscious, and Higher Conscious Mind.  Includes a Meditation with Archangel Raguel as well as learning to bring more Harmony into your life.


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WINGSLOVEWings of Love

Empowerment Guide & Daily Journal

This guide and journal provides tools for everyday activity, self-exploration, and learning how to ask the Archangels for assistance. Learn the techniques and benefits of shielding your energy, cord cutting and working with each Archangel in their specialties. Put it all into practice using the journal as a tool for change.

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The best was being in the energy, being with like minded people. The surprises were a wonderful bonus. All in all a wonderful experience and well worth it.